For most iPhone owners, FaceTime is already their preferred video chat medium. But, with the latest iOS 15 upgrade, these brand new capabilities improve on an already excellent experience.

1. Portrait Mode

The blurred bokeh effect has long been popular in photography, but now you can use it in video chats as well! While on a call, simply tap on your own bubble to view an icon in each corner. Toggle Portrait Mode on and off by tapping the icon in the upper left corner. You may also set Portrait Mode on or off by pulling down your Control Center and tapping where it reads “Video Effects.”

2. Mic Modes

You may now customise your sound settings in FaceTime to improve your calling experience. Pull down your Control Center and tap the upper right corner where it says Mic Modes. You can choose between Voice Isolation, which eliminates all background noise and only allows your speaking voice to be heard, and Wide Spectrum, which employs artificial intelligence to choose ambient noise from your surroundings as well as your voice.

3. SharePlay

This most recent feature debuted with iOS 15.1, so make sure your phone is up to date before trying it out. In just a few steps, SharePlay allows you to share whatever is on your screen with your conversation buddy. To bring up the toolbar, tap the symbol furthest to the right on your screen. This should bring up a menu with the option “Share My Screen.” Tap there, then swipe into whatever you want to watch and share with your friends. It’s handy for watching TV shows and movies, as well as instantly sending a photo to someone without having to text it.

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