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Fentanyl Problem Spreads From San Francisco To The Rest Of California !

Fentanyl Becomes The Biggest Drug Threat For San Francisco

Fentanyl is an opioid that is 50 times more dangerous than heroin. The chances of getting an overdose by fentanyl are very high. Even a slight increase in dosage can prove to be fatal. This opioid has become the biggest drug concern for San Francisco. The cases of fentanyl overdose have been on the rise lately. In a recent drug bust, the San Francisco police seized huge amounts of fentanyl which had the potential to wipe out San Francisco’s population four times over. Moreover, SFPD Police Chief Bill Scott said, “Fentanyl remains the primary chemical culprit in the record-shattering number of fatal overdoses plaguing our city.”

Source: Complex

Fentanyl Problem Has Spread From San Francisco To California

The issue of fentanyl overdose has now expanded to California. From a national perspective, fentanyl has definitely made the drug overdose situation worse. However, California in particular is dealing with the problems that was first concentrated in San Francisco. David Panush, the head of the consulting firm California Health Policy Strategies revealed that the problem has only gotten worse due to the pandemic. Moreover, he said, “The pandemic probably made it worse, but you had these addiction trends that were skyrocketing and fentanyl is like pouring gasoline on the fire.”

Fentanyl Drug bust SFPD
Source: The Guardian

What Can Be Done To Solve The Fentanyl Problem

Fentanyl seems like a never-ending problem but that is because of the inefficient approach. Dr. Moulin, who is trying to solve the problem thinks that what is missing is an all-around approach wherein drug abusers have the option of getting treated in hospitals. Moreover, she said, “Opioid use disorder is highly treatable and we have highly effective medications. We just need to have an all-hands-on-deck approach.” Seizing fentanyl by police only means that the supply is going up. A change in approach to this problem seems like the next step.

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