Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Adopts Symptom-Based Approach For Schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is figuring out a way to reopen the schools in a safe manner. He has decided to go with a symptom-based approach regarding the isolation of students. If a student develops COVID symptoms, then he or she will be asked to quarantine at home and take the necessary steps. Moreover, DeSantis said, “If somebody is symptomatic, of course, they stay home. If there’s a close contact, but somebody has not developed any symptoms — you monitor them, you notify the parent.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Source: CNN

Asymptomatic Students Will Be Allowed To Return To School, Says Ron DeSantis

The symptom-based approach has a flip side to it. If a student gets exposed to COVID-19 or comes in close contact with a COVID-positive person and doesn’t show any symptoms, then parents take the call on whether the student will go to school or not. If the parent finds it unsafe and risky, then they have the right to not send their kids to school. However, if they feel it is safe, then even asymptomatic students can come back to school. Furthermore, the Florida Governor said, “The parent always has the right to have their kids stay home, if they think that’s in the best interest of the student and the family 100 percent, we would not want to intrude on that. But if a parent has a healthy child, that child has a right to be in school.”


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