We chose the soccer players with the best haircuts and put them on a special list. That’s right, we won’t talk about their sports careers or how many goals they’ve scored. Instead, we’ll just talk about how stylish their hair is.

Fashion and Sports

When these two areas work together, they make a great pair. What’s up? Very simply, it is possible to keep up with trends better, especially for men who don’t care much about how they look. David Beckham, who was one of the first people to work on these issues, is a good example of this. Which was known not only for his sportsmanship but also for being the first football player to use his image to make money. In fact, Beckham is the reason we have the word “metrosexual.” Fashion campaigns, clothing lines, collaborations, and even a fragrance line are all things that the English soccer player has done in the delicate but also very large fashion and beauty industry.

Other athletes joined him, and they were not only praised for how well they played sports, but they also tried to force fashion on other men. Just by watching a soccer game, you can see that at least half of the players have great grooming habits. They have trendy haircuts and perfectly shaped mustaches and beards.

The soccer players with the best haircuts are listed below. We insist that they were not picked because of their experience on the field because that is not the point. But to show why they set a good example when it comes to hairstyles.

Soccer Player Haircuts

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Most Stylish Football players Haircuts
Photo: Collected

If we’re talking about soccer players with the best haircuts, we can’t leave out the one who is adored by many and despised by a few: Cristiano Ronaldo. An icon who has made the most of his physique. When it comes to fashion, the Portuguese soccer player understands how to pull it off. He wagers on an undercut haircut reminiscent of the 1950s, with volume in the hair and a coldly calculated lock on the forehead.

Neymar Jr.

The Most Stylish Football players Haircuts
Photo Credit: Game News 24

In our list of the best haircuts for football players, Neymar stood out because he has tried so many different styles, some of which work and some of which don’t. In our opinion, this blunt military-style cut is the one that suits you best. Obviously, the most important thing is that he bleaches his hair, which disproves the myth and proves that light colors look great on men with dark skin.

Carlos Candle

The Most Stylish Football players Haircuts
Photo Credit: BBC

Here, we’re not talking about Carlos Vela’s medium-length hairstyle in particular. We will pay attention to how he deals with it. The trick to putting it back perfectly is to do it while the hair is still a little bit damp. As well as using a pomade that is water-based to keep the shape. Vela sometimes puts a garter in the middle of the head as a bonus to keep the hair in place during the match. A style that is always lively and at the same time comfortable.

David Beckham

David Beckham
Photo: Collected

Respect when respect is due. David Beckham was the pioneer in these style issues in sports and has the best hairstyles, as was mentioned at the outset. Here is a haircut from many yesterdays ago that we believe was a gamble for the football player. A Mohican haircut in which the sides are entirely shaved, creating a line of hair from the fringe to the nape of the neck. A challenging fashion to wear? True, but nothing will be impossible if you format it properly.

Lionel Messi

The Most Stylish Football players Haircuts
Photo Credit: IWMBuzz

Lionel Messi, who plays for Barcelona, is thought to be the best soccer player of all time. Who hasn’t heard of him? Lionel Messi is known not only for having one of the best soccer careers of all time, but also for his cute looks and, on top of that, his nice hairstyles, like the one in the picture below.

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