Francois du Plessis Carrying Water For Team: Imran Tahir Can Feel It!

Imran Tahir
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Imran Tahir In An Open Talk

Imran Tahir recently featured in an interview on YouTube. There the South African leg spinner seems to have an open talk with the host Ravichandran Ashwin. The cricketer runs his show Hello Dubai. And the guest this time was Imran Tahir where the spinner was pretty cool and expressed what he felt.

Well, the session of Ravichandran Ashwin and Imran Tahir was fun-filled. And the cricketer duo discussed many nocks and corners of the cricket world. Imran Tahir is the player for Chennai Super Kings in IPL( Indian Premier League). He was a part of the team last year also.

He Speaks About Francois du Plessis

Because of his potential and knowledge in cricket Chennai Sper Kings have him one more time for the 2020 IPL. The team is doing well since the IPL began. But Imran not yet get a chance to be in the field and play for his team.

While explaining so he brought Francois du Plessis in his discussion and said he can feel him now. The very talented player in 2019 carried water for the team throughout the entire tournament. He never got a chance to play, and now Tahir understands how tough it was for him. Plessis is an influential cricketer and did well for the South Africa team.

Now Imran Tahir is facing the same although he also has a good track record. But the conversation was all fun, and he was not complaining at all. Instead, he feels that in cricket, one could play one day and not on another day, and that is completely fine.

He Loves His Team

During the conversation, he praises his team with all heart. According to him, he is in the best team and having a profitable franchise. Who not only looks after him but takes OK care of his family as well. The teammates are very much supportive, and he loves their culture.

Imran Tahir

Talking about the Indian fans, the South African spinner praised them as well and said the fans are lovely. They respect the players as well as love and support them unconditionally.

Though the spinner this year yet to come in the ground, he might soon get a chance to play.

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