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From $107 to making five figure dollars, from the lenses of CEO Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary from VP Anokhi Media



pawan chaudhary and vipin chaudhary

From $107 to making five figure dollars, from the lenses of CEO Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary from VP Anokhi Media

The tech driven day and age of today has seen an unprecedented rise in the demand for digital marketing services. As each businesses take the online route, it has become a necessity for them to build their reach and credibility on the web, that is a significant reason why many call this period as the best time to make a mark as a digital marketer.

On an average, a digital marketer in India earns anywhere around 8-9 lakhs a year with a decent experience which is way better than many vocations in our country because becoming a digital marketer does not require any degree or qualification, what it needs is a passion to consistently interact with the various online platforms and build an expertise on one or more sub fields of digital marketing.

Digital marketing can hence be called a rewarding profession of the current millennium, today we come across several digital marketing gurus who began their hustle with the rise of the internet and are today training the youth to make it big in this exceedingly growing field.

Two such victorious digitalites who today enjoy overarching success are leading digital marketer specialists Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary. The founder and CEO of a celebrated online media solutions firm in India called VP Anokhi Media Pvt Ltd, these renowned entrepreneurs are today leading the way for thousands of digital marketing aspirants across the globe, who are constantly looking out for opportunities to make it big.

Pawan Chaudhary and Vipin Chaudhary has also been through this phase when they began their journey, but unlike the current age, they did not have many individuals and resources to look upto back then.

Pawan Chaudhary carved out this largely dreamt-about career for himself by trial and errors in the year 2013 and since then he has seen an upward stride in all his endeavours.

“My journey began when I was 17 years old, I was quite fascinated with internet and the digital world and hence I began searching for opportunities in the online space, I was fortunate to get my first $107 in a short span of my journey. Post this success, I begun trying out different services online, having encashed a huge amount for myself as a beginner, I was passionate to keep raising the bar which is what kept me upbeat to continue working in the field for all these years”, says CEO Pawan Chaudhary on how he begun this noteworthy journey.

His co-founder Vipin Chaudhary narrates a similar tale, a tech savy digital expert, he has donned various hats and has been diligently working towards honing his digital marketing skills, post which, after witnessing commendable success, the idea to begin a full service tech driven digital solutions company attracted them and this is what led to the inception of VP Anokhi Media, a one stop solution for all services related to online business development which is run by a dedicated team of 22 digital geeks.

Some of the most talked about features of the firm is their customer acquisition and satisfaction rate which is exemplary of the hassle free and holistic services that the team of web experts provide inside the company.

VP Anokhi Media is leading the league with crafting bespoke websites/applications along with working across content management systems and e-commerce platforms to give a seamless experience to dozens of businesses in building their reach on the internet. In the similar fashion, the duo runs multiple businesses which is making them ace the multiple figure dollars club with their empire.

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