Gemma Collins Breakdown On Her Podcast While Talking About This? Check Out The Deatils!

Gemma Collins gets emotional claims that her father is in the hospital N is literally fighting for his life due to COVID-19. it’s really hard for Gemma Collins to manage everything while she’s dealing with this trauma of her parents being in the hospital. She is very concerned about her dad‘s health as he is literally fighting for his life. Fans wish Gemma and her father the best and a speedy recovery. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Gemma Collins in a recent interview mentioned that both her parents are in the hospital fighting with COVID-19. Her parents have gotten affected by the virus month back and has been fighting with it. One side her mother is showing the progress but on the other side her father is literally fighting for his life. Things aren’t at its best as Gemma claim. The 39-year-old keeps updating her fans about her parent’s health on her podcast.

Gemma Collins Breakdown

Gemma in her post gave a lot of information about her life and how she is dealing with it. She claims that it was one of the worst Christmas and New Year’s for her she didn’t enjoy it at all. But she doesn’t want to dwell on it. Moreover she claims that Both her parents are in the hospital suffering from the COVID-19. And she is very worried about them and she’s trying to deal it with the most capability and the best possible manner. She got emotional while sharing the news as she confirms her father is fighting with his life.

Picture via Instagram.

And that is not all she claimed that it is very awful to have such a situation going on especially with the family. Gemma has been suffering with the trauma of having our parents in the hospital since a really long time. However, she is keeping her fans updated with the whole scenario on the podcast. Gemma took to Instagram to upload a picture with her father. she uploaded a picture in which her father is holding her hand. It is a very adorable and cute picture that has touched many people‘s heart.

The Heart Touching Picture

Gemma captioned the picture saying that he has COVID-19 and he’s fighting with it still he is holding her hand because he is very scared. Gemma gets very emotional while sharing it and we can see it through a story and podcast. Soon after Gemma Collins uploaded the podcast and the pictures fans were very concerned about her and her father‘s health. Thousands and thousands of people came forward to show her the love and affection.


Gemma Collins received tons of love and support from people all around the world. People came forward and wished her father speedy recovery and best for Gemma Collins. however, Gemma Collins claimed that she feels better when she dogs to a fan and even her baby wishes the best for her family and everyone. What do you think about it?


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