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George Clooney Sewed Clothes Of Children And Amal During The Lockdown !



George Clooney

George Clooney Sewed His Children’s Clothes During Lockdown

George Clooney is more than the fantastic actor that he is. Moreover, he has many more skills like sewing that he put to use during the lockdown. While others were busy doing nothing, Clooney was sewing the clothes of his children and his wife. Moreover, he acquired these skills during his bachelor days when he was broke and did not have money for such things. He said, “I do a lot of sewing the kids’ clothes. And my wife’s dress that tore a couple of times. I was a bachelor for a long time and didn’t have any money, and you have to learn how to repair things.”

George Clooney

Source: Variety

George Clooney Feels He Is The Best When It Comes To Surviving

George Clooney further revealed that sewing is not the only skill that he acquired during his bachelor times. He revealed that he learned most of the stuff which has made him the man that he now. Moreover, he feels he will be the best if he gets stuck on the island and has to survive. He said, “If we were on an island and you had to pick somebody to help you survive, I would pick me. Ask all of my friends and they would pick me, too. I can make a waterspout out of this and a pitcher out of that.”

George Clooney Stained The Interior And Exterior Of His House

Clooney put himself to use during the lockdown by staining the interior and exterior of his house. Moreover, he said, “It was getting dingy, and I had buckets of stain, and I was, like, “Well, what else am I going to do?” It made me feel better. And I put chicken wire all around the dog yard.”

George Clooney

Source: Wikipedia

Clooney Graces Cover Of AARP

Clooney will be seen in the covers of AARP magazine for next month’s edition. That is where he has given his latest interview.

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