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George Clooney Writes A Letter In Agitation Against The Breonna Taylor Case !

George Clooney

George Clooney Talks About The Letter He Wrote Regarding Breonna Taylor Murder

George Clooney revealed in an interview about the letter he wrote in anger relating to the Breonna Taylor case. Breonna was killed after police entered her house and fired shots at her. However, it was a misidentification and she was completely innocent. Furthermore, none of the policemen were charged with murder. Moreover, the entire case agitated George and he wrote a letter out of anger highlighting the racial discrimination in the country and the increasing police brutality.

George Clooney

George Clooney Cannot Believe The Police Escaped The Death Of Breonna Taylor

George Clooney is in shock that the police escaped the wrongful killing of Breonna Taylor. Moreover, he said, “I can’t believe it. There’s not even a manslaughter charge for a woman who was lying in bed and got shot to death. Imagine if those were three Black officers and they kicked in the door of a white person’s home and shot and killed the woman, the wife, in bed. Imagine that. F—— ridiculous. You know, it’s just infuriating.”

George Clooney Wrote An Angry Letter For The Monuments Men

George recently received a request from Saudi Arabia to edit the Star of David from his movie The Monuments Men. However, he was agitated by it and wrote back a letter. Moreover, he opened up on it and said, “I wrote a really scathing letter two days ago where I just said, you know, ‘I’ve been doing this a long time, and no one in my life has ever asked me to blur out particularly a Star of David in a movie that’s about the stealing of art and then the mass murder of Jews,'” he said. “And I just said, ‘So the answer is: No, you can’t have the film, and no, we won’t be making any of these cuts, and go f— yourself.'”

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George Clooney Speaks In Support Of Black People

George Clooney gave his support to Black people for the kind of racism they have been facing in the US. Moreover, he said, “You know, they talk about looting and stuff. Well, there have been an awful lot of Black bodies that have been looted for 400 f——- years.”