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Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces Lifting Of Capacity Restrictions In New York By May 19

Governor Andrew Cuomo To Lift Capacity Restrictions In New York By May 19

Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press conference to make some big announcement regarding the coronavirus restrictions in the state of New York. The cases in New York are coming down with every passing day. People are willingly coming forward and taking the COVID vaccine. With everything going right, Cuomo has decided to remove the capacity restrictions in his state, starting from May 19. New York has decided to remove the restrictions after coordinating with New Jersey and Connecticut. Cuomo said, “We’ve been working with a coordination plan, especially on the tri-state area. And what we’ve agreed on originally coordinated basis, beginning Wednesday, May 19th, most capacity restrictions will end across the tri-state area. That includes retail stores, food services, gyms, fitness centers, amusement, and family entertainment, hair salons, barbershops, offices, et cetera. No capacity restrictions on all of those activities.”

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Broadway Can Open From May 19: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo also revealed the lift on capacity restrictions includes Broadway as well. Broadway might or might not open from May 19 but they are free to operate from that date. Since Broadway has its own schedule, it is unlikely that it will open. Moreover, Cuomo said, “So museums, theaters, Broadway, retail, shops. Now they may make their own economic decision as to when they need to reopen because they can have critical mass. We’re talking to Broadway. Broadway, for example, has a schedule. They have to produce a play before they can sell the play. So there’s a schedule for them, but from a capacity point of view, they can all reopen on May 19th. Offices also.”

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MTA To Start With Its 24-Hour Service

During the press conference, Cuomo said that his team will coordinate with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to resume their 24-hours transit service. People will require public transport when the economy reopens complete. Cuomo further said, “But if you reopen economic and social activity you also have to have transportation available. So we’re going to coordinate the MTA’s resumption of 24-hour service with the reopening and immediately with a curfew lift.”

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