Governor Ned Lamont Says Connecticut Leading The Race In Childhood Vaccination

Governor Ned Lamont revealed that his state Connecticut is far ahead of other states when it comes to vaccination among children. He was not talking about the COVID vaccine and was talking about the other vaccination that a child takes by the age of 24 months. As per the national data, Connecticut’s childhood immunization stands at 80.2%. On the other hand, the national average is only 70.5%. Moreover, New England’s vaccination is also below Connecticut at 79.7%.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont
Source: Hatford Courant

Governor Ned Lamont Calls Connecticut The National Leader In Childhood Immunization

Governor Lamont showered praise on his state and called it the national leader in childhood immunization. Moreover, he said, “This report reveals that once again, Connecticut is a national leader in childhood immunization. That is in large part due to the efforts of many professional, community-based, and private partnerships that have worked diligently with the state to raise awareness of this issue.”

Source: Healthline

Governor Lamont Thanks Different Departments For High Immunization Rate

Governor Lamont thanked the efforts of different departments which has pushed Connecticut to the number one position in childhood immunization. He said, “I want to thank the Connecticut Department of Public Health, the Department of Social Services, and the State Department of Education, as well as the state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, local health departments, community health centers, and all of the healthcare practitioners who champion immunizations for their work, ensuring the health and safety of our children.”


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