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The EU said Thursday that more than half of European adults have been fully vaccinated to combat new outbreaks blaming the rapidly prevailing Delta variants in Europe and Asia.

The European Central Bank said uncertainty about the wave of infection meant keeping the cash tap open so that the initial economic recovery would not be hindered.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the proceedings in her country are increasing “exponentially”, but in Japan, the postponed Olympics have few spectators and open with a comprehensive COVID rule. I was planning to do it.

Meanwhile, after the WHO sought an audit of a Chinese laboratory at the center of speculation about where it first occurred, the spotlight again ignited the origin of the virus, causing a violent reaction from Beijing.

Although more than 4 million people have died from the virus since December 2019 and vaccination rates are rising globally, Delta is helping to increase infections and urge governments to re-impose anti-virus measures.

The EU said Thursday that 200 million Europeans have been fully vaccinated, more than half of the adult population, but have not yet reached the 70% target set for the summer.

Fresh data came when Merkel urged more Germans to get jabs and warned of a new surge in German cases.

“We’re seeing exponential growth,” she said at a press conference in Berlin, adding that “every vaccination is … a small step back to normal.”

In Germany, the incidence of 12.2 new cases per 100,000 has been seen in the last 7 days. This is more than double the incidence in early July.

“The incidence is rising, so we may need to implement additional measures,” she said.

Dominant Delta

Germany has joined many European countries with an increasing number of cases in recent weeks, stimulated by the first detected delta variant in India.

European Central Bank Governor Christine Lagarde warned that after a 25-member board meeting, she maintained extensive stimulus to the eurozone, increasing economic uncertainty caused by the Delta. ..

“The eurozone economy is recovering strongly,” Lagarde said, but she said Delta variants could undermine post-blockage recovery in “services, especially tourism and hospitality.”

This week, France developed a new rule that requires a so-called health pass for all events or locations of more than 50 people before being expanded to restaurants, cafes and shopping centers in August.

After the country reports a new surge, people need to show evidence of vaccination or a negative test. There were more than 21,000 new cases on Wednesday, the highest level since early May.

Incidents are also skyrocketing in Britain, where most restrictions have been lifted this week, and on Thursday a British supermarket warned of possible food shortages as staff were forced to quarantine themselves.

The worst outbreaks to date have been seen in Asian countries, and Indonesia has become a new global hotspot as Vietnam and Thailand face new antivirus regulations.

In Tokyo, the Olympics were scheduled to take place on Friday after a year-long pandemic delay.

Audiences are largely banned and athletes, journalists and organizers are subject to strict antivirus protection.

“It’s completely different from the last tournament (1964), when the whole city was full of festive mood,” said Michiko Fukui, 80, who lives in Tokyo.

There was no clear end to the pandemic, and refocused attention was on the origin of the international investigation of the virus.

WHO said last week that the investigation should include audits of Chinese laboratories, but China’s Deputy Health Minister Zeng Yixin said Thursday that he was “extremely surprised” by WHO’s plans. “.

With the rise of the Delta variant, Germany considers new travel rules

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