Henry Cavill is an actor who has mostly worked on movies, so he doesn’t have a long list of series. Even though we know him as Superman, a bad guy in Mission: Impossible, and even Sherlock Holmes, it’s worth taking a look at some of his work on TV.

When the actor was only 19, he was in his first series. It was called The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, and it was partly based on the books of Elizabeth George. After that, he had a part in the TV movie Goodbye, Mr. Chips, which was based on the same-named book.

After that, he had another part in an episode of Midsomer Murders in 2003, but he didn’t return to TV with a role that made Hollywood notice him until 2017.

Here, we talk about the actor’s most important shows and the ones we might see him in in the future.

The Tudors

Where to watch it: Lionsgate Plus

The Tudors, a TV show that came out in 2017, was the start of Henry Cavill’s rise to fame. The series was made by a group of different countries and filmed in Ireland. It was about the time when King Henry VIII of England was in power.

Cavill played the main character, Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, for all four seasons. Charles Brandon was a military leader who was the King’s brother-in-law through his wife Mary Tudor, which is how the show got its name.

If you like historical dramas and Henry Cavill, you should definitely check it out, even though it changes the story quite a bit. There are 38 episodes in all.

The Witcher

Where to watch it: Netflix

Without a doubt, this is one of the roles that Henry Cavill will be remembered for. Since he is a big fan of The Witcher books and video games, that will come in handy, especially since this was one of his roles as reverie, which he played to perfection.

Cavill plays Geralt of Rivia, a mutant who hunts monsters with the help of magic and is known as the “Witcher.” In the series, we see him interact with different characters, like a Bard who writes songs about him and a witch who was kicked out of her town and with whom he becomes close. This huge story has political themes, magic, sorcery, and more. The best parts of the story were found in the second season.

Sad to say, it was announced that Henry Cavill would be leaving his role as the Witcher. Since season 4, Liam Hemsworth has been playing the part, which fans don’t like and could end the show.

Warhammer 40,000

But Henry Cavill’s story isn’t over yet. After leaving The Witcher and Superman at DC, the actor will move on to another franchise that he likes and that he helped make popular by talking about it in interviews.

Warhammer 40,000 is the most well-known miniature war game in the world, especially in the actor’s home country of the United Kingdom. It takes place in a far-off future where aliens and supernatural creatures run society. Books and other media have gone into detail about this time period.

So far, not much has been said about the series or what kinds of stories it will tell. However, since Cavill is a big fan of the game, it seems likely that he will play a big part in both deciding this and making the show.

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