Sports are one of the most beautiful man-made inventions throughout history. Not many inventions have the positive impact on humans that sports do. Whether it be watching or playing sports, both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits make sports so awesome. 

All along the spectrum of sports, ranging from playing them to watching them to betting on the point spread, sports can bring different cultures together and make the world a better place. People put aside their differences to come together and enjoy their favourite teams. 

Playing Sports: The Myriad of Benefits

The most obvious benefit of sports arises from the physical standpoint. We have all heard the commercials saying 60 minutes of activity a day is necessary. They are true. 

The prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol is at an all-time high in America, and that is due to the lack of physical activity. 

Sports are a fun way for individuals to be with friends, family, or even alone, to burn calories and lead a healthy life. In one hour of playing basketball, an individual can burn north of 500 calories. In one hour of playing American football, individuals can burn north of 300 calories. 

And all while enjoying themselves and the company of others. If individuals are at risk of becoming overweight, playing sports may be the answer. You can burn high amounts of calories while doing something most players would say they enjoy. 

Furthermore, playing sports has direct links to reduced stress and anxiety in humans. When humans exercise through any type of movement, they release chemicals in their brains known as endorphins.

This release of these chemicals allows your body to relieve stress and pain. These endorphins will improve your mood, making you more jolly throughout the day. 

Furthermore, playing on a sports team has tremendous benefits as well. Nowadays, some of the most verbal leaders in social justice issues are often athletes. Players like LeBron James, who speak out often on social justice issues, develop strong leadership qualities through sports. 

You are often challenged to lead and delegate your own team and are held accountable for your success. This is often why many view LeBron as such an amazing leader because of the success he had off the basketball court. 

Viewing Sports: The Good, the Great, and the Not So Bad

Understandably viewing sports may not be equivalent to playing sports in terms of benefits to humans. However, they too have their important benefits. 

To begin with, those who follow sports and professional sports may be forced into more diverse situations and may have more diverse outlooks in life. For example, a super-fan of the Golden State Warriors embodies the team’s diversity, including players from all around the globe. 

Also, similar to playing sports, watching sports can also be a stress reliever. Sports are often watched together with friends and family, and those moments with your loved ones are something to cherish forever. 

Sports have the ability to bring like and unlike people together. Who knows, maybe you might meet your wife at a basketball game supporting your favourite team! Sports bring people of all cultures, ethnicities, races, and genders together behind one simple motive: to celebrate for your team. 

No matter the colour of your skin, facial features, or body structure, two sports fans of the same team will always have lots to talk about and may become great friends. Sports are such an awesome event that everyone can get behind it, no matter who you are. This is one of the best parts of sports. 

However, when watching sports, remember not to stay stagnant in one position throughout the day. NFL fans on Sunday might look forward to sitting on the couch for 12 straight hours of football, but that can be super unhealthy. Remember to enjoy your sports and allow yourself to reap all the benefits of it in a healthy manner. 

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