Overworking is a term that could also be translated as excessive work or too much work. It refers to the fact that many people in our society and in other countries around the world have to deal with workloads that are too high for their own health.

This has been a sign of the modern world for a long time, but with the covid-19 pandemic, many of the effects of overworking have gotten even worse, making people even more tired and making it hard for them to separate their personal and professional lives. This is mostly because of the home office. People like the home office because they can avoid traffic or spend less money on food on the street, but the truth is that it has hurt our productivity and the number of hours we spend working every day.

This isn’t true for everyone, though. Some people feel more comfortable working from home and know how to get enough done during the day to end the workday on time. Others, on the other hand, have spent more time in front of the computer because they work from home and have to deal with distractions like housework and child care. Also, when we work from home, it’s hard to set schedules and limits on how much time we spend working, since we’re always available and the computer is just a few steps away. This makes us more likely to overwork. In countries like Mexico, where work loads are some of the highest in the world, overwork is now linked to a lot of health problems.

Even though remote work has many benefits, such as saving money for companies on offices and keeping workers in their spaces, many experts, such as the consulting firm Trendisity, say that one of the biggest problems is that people are more likely to work up to 10 hours a day and on the weekends now. In Argentina, for example, 81% of people who were polled said they felt like they were overworked because they had a lot more work to do and had to work longer hours than they did before the pandemic.

As if that wasn’t enough, studies by the World Health Organization on mental health and work show that overworking causes serious physical and mental problems like metabolic imbalances, anxiety, and depression. This is because it’s easy for people to get into a routine where it’s hard to unplug and there’s a lot of pressure to be available even when they’re not at work or in the office.

To stop this, it’s important to take the following steps:

Set regular hours

Even if you work from home and at the office, you should still have clear schedules and stick to them. Even if you still have work to do, you should stick to your schedule. Something that won’t be so hard if you use the time to be more productive and can cut at the right time.

Handle the time

It’s best to keep track of how much time you spend on each task so you can be more productive and keep to your work hours. For example, if you know you’re going to use social networks at a certain time of the day, be careful not to spend too much time on them. You can lose a lot of time and energy without realizing it, which can make you tired because you didn’t finish your work.

Set specific goals

Write down what you need to do each day or week at the start of the day and stick to those goals. Getting your chores done will also help you feel better about yourself by making dopamine flow.

Cut down on communication

When you get home from work, they look for you on WhatsApp. When you wake up, you have a ton of emails, calls, and messages. Getting away from work is hard if you get information from many different sources. We think you should talk to people in as few ways as possible.

Set up a work area at home

The same thing happens in the space you set up at home to work. Try to find a place to work, and use the rest of your home for yourself and your free time.

Rest always

Even though you live and work in the same place, try to take breaks as often as you can. It’s important to take care of this so you don’t overwork yourself and get tired.

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