Parathas are a popular breakfast option in North India. Aloo Ka Paratha, Paneer Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Dal Paratha, and more – freshly made parathas with a dollop of butter, curd, and pickle will have you salivating. However, as tempting as they are, making them is not an easy task because proper technique is required. Certain factors should be considered when making a perfect paratha that is just the right amount of flaky and soft. If you enjoy parathas but are unable to make them properly, don’t despair.

We’ve compiled a list of five tips about how to make soft paratha at home that will come in handy the next time you make one. So, check out the following suggestions on how to make soft paratha at home:

Here Are 5 Ways To Soften And Fluff Up Your Parathas:

1.Well Knead the Dough

The first and most important step in producing a soft and fluffy paratha is to thoroughly knead the dough. Make sure to sieve the flour before using it, and knead the dough with lukewarm water. Do not pour in all of the water at once, as this will make things messy. If you make a mistake here, there is no going back.

2. Cover the Dough

Apply some oil to the dough and cover it with a muslin cloth for at least 15-20 minutes. This will allow the dough to rise quickly and retain moisture. Without covering the dough, the surface will dry out and you will not get the desired results.

3. Mix with the ghee

Ghee is one of those ingredients that can never go wrong in a recipe of any food. Don’t you think so? Adding a dollop of ghee to your paratha not only adds flavor but also the much-needed richness that is difficult to achieve when using oil or butter. You will not be sorry if you add ghee to your paratha!

4. Cook Them On The Right Flame 

If you cook your paratha on a low heat, it will become chewy, and if you cook it on a high heat, it will become hard like a papad. The proper method is to heat the pan on high heat, add the ghee, and spread it evenly. When the pan is hot, add the paratha and cook it evenly on both sides, flipping it alternately until done.

5. Add Yogurt 

Another way to make a perfectly soft and fluffy paratha is to knead the dough with yogurt. Make sure to use fresh yogurt, as using old yogurt may change the flavor of the paratha and cause it to taste sour. The addition of yogurt to the dough ensures that the paratha remains soft even after cooling.

So keep these tips in mind on how to make soft paratha at home and the next time you make a paratha on your own!

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