Polishing a car in a workshop is always more expensive, however, if you have the time and passion, in addition to the necessary tools, you can do this job on your own. In this note, we show you how to polish a car in 3 easy steps, pay attention!

Follow these tips to polish your car:

Before you start polishing your car, you have to wash and dry it well. In other words, prepare the surface to be polished. Ideally, you should wash the car with a special soap for it, that way you will not run the risk of using an abrasive material that damages the body. Soap should not remain on the surface before polishing using best car polisher, so use plenty of water to remove it and then dry with a cloth or towel.

  • Occasionally it will be necessary for you to sand the car
  • Superfine sandpaper of 1000 grit will help you to homogenize the surface
  • Use the wool roller to remove the marks that were left
  • Use your machine at medium pressure, between 1000 and 1200 RPM.
  • Mask certain areas where you do not want the polishing product to reach
  • Support the protective film for cars, foam masking tape, protective film, etc.

Polishing a car consists of removing small layers of exterior varnish from the bodywork. This procedure is important since you will remove the deteriorated layer, and you will give way to a rejuvenated and shiny layer, because over time, the paint of your vehicle wears out thanks to various factors such as the weather, incorrect washing, the excrement of birds, among others.

Before starting with polishing, you should park your car in an area that is in the shade, since working in the sun with any polishing product can leave a mark on the paint. It is not advisable to do it under a tree as leaves, branches or animal droppings may fall.

There are many kinds of waxes and products to polish your car. The level of aggressiveness of the wax will depend on the type of paint, the time of the same, and the depth of the scratches or imperfections that your car has. It is recommended that when choosing the product you consult with the store specialist. You may also like the best bike rack for suv that will help to attach the bike.

The most wanted parts

With regard to the most sought-after parts, saying that they correspond to the elements that make up the front of the vehicle is the most requested, mainly due to the fact that in the event of a claim or accident on the road most of the time the car suffers impacts and damages frontal. Thus the headlights, fenders, and front wings are the most sought-after scrapping; basically, all the elements that we find in the front bodywork, colloquially known as “nose”. Since today it is more deformable and elastic than in recent years due to new designs created in order to absorb inertia and cushion the impact in the event of an accident.

These parts are followed by engines, which despite being protected in the body of the hood or hood often end up suffering greater damage. As they are key elements for the operation of the vehicle and are highly complex, their price is always higher. Precisely for this reason, we could say that in these cases the option of acquiring a replacement engine in a scrapyard is such an attractive solution.

However, the truth is that because these are the most requested items, they are also the most difficult to find, we could say that in these cases demand exceeds supply. When we talk about the most difficult parts to obtain, all those parts that belong to very current models, especially hybrid vehicles powered by gas or electric, due to being a more limited market and the low percentage of cars in these categories that circulate in our routes.





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