How to stay in shape? Know the answer from Gunnar Peterson who has helped David Beckham, and some of the world’s most famous athletes and celebrities lose weight and stay in shape, from Tom Brady to Khloe Kardashian. Now as F45 Training’s new Head of Athletics, Peterson oversees all of the company’s programs. 

In fact, Peterson was in London last week to launch a special DB45 training with David Beckham. Naturally, it was a soccer-inspired workout, including cardio and strength work, as Peterson is a big advocate of working in all three planes of motion and variations so your body reflects everything you want and you do in real life.

Here are some of Gunnar Peterson’s tips on how to stay in shape: 

Train how to stay in shape 

“I don’t see men trying to get huge anymore. I think that is a population niche; actually, it always was. Bulking up is a commitment to a lifestyle for X number of months or years. I think in general most men just want to be skinny. In addition, there are many more alternatives available: a bike ride, windsurfing, rollerblading, mountain biking or running triathlons. A guy I know wanted to improve his golf technique. He didn’t mind being a little thinner, he didn’t mind looking better, he didn’t mind having a little more cardiovascular fitness, but he loved taking the pain out of swinging. That is something important.”

Consistency is the key

“You have to be consistent with your training, eating, resting and recovery . You must pay attention to your nutrition, drink more water than you think you need, work on rest and train regularly. It’s not that every training session is impossible, but it does have to be a challenge”.

Muscles pay for the party

“To lose weight and stay fit , you have to lift weights. Stop worrying about getting big, just lift weights. You have to train under load. You must exert more effort during your training than at work, so: if you are a business person and you carry a backpack or a briefcase to the office and it weighs 5 kg, start training with 10 kg. This will make your life easier, and it will also help you lose weight.” 

“Remember: muscle is active tissue, fat is inert. Muscle costs your body, muscle pays for the party. The muscle is burning all the time. Lifting weights means that, after working out, you’re burning calories at a higher rate than after a straight cardio workout.”

Lifting weights boosts metabolism

“All roads lead to lifting weights. There’s no reason to squat with twice your weight on your shoulders, just one full rep with challenging weight is enough. You can use your body weight, a weight vest, carry small dumbbells, or do yoga . Your body doesn’t care if you use a resistance band, a barbell, a pair of dumbbells or cables – the point is to lift things.”

Go back and set your priorities

“Understand that whatever that workout is — an F45 class or a 20-minute session — it will benefit everything else you plan to do that day. So, if you are going to tell me that you don’t have time, fine, but whatever time you have to train, dedicate it 100%. I’d rather you do 20 minutes a day, six or seven days a week, than two one-hour workouts. Or even worse: a single two-hour workout. Especially as we get older, because we run the risk of injuring ourselves.”

Do not give up and learn how to stay fit

“ Tom Brady , Pete Sampras, Lindsey Vonn, Mike Tyson and Kevin Love, for example, will destroy anything you put in front of them. The lesson to be learned is not to give up at all. Do not give up. Not even in the field of entertainment they do. There are people like Sylvester Stallone , Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale, and Khloe Kardashian who just won’t quit. Sylvester Stallone always brings his best and Kate Beckinsale is a beast in the gym.”

Do what works for you, not a celebrity

“There are many possibilities to adapt your training. You can reduce the number of repetitions, reduce the total weight, increase the rest time between sets, shorten the total duration or change the temperature of the room. There are a huge number of variables that you can play with to suit your own body and lifestyle, so get started.”

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