Hugh Jackman is already getting ready to put on Wolverine’s adamantium claws again, even though Deadpool 3 won’t come out for another two years.

Hugh Jackman said in an interview with Chris Wallace on HBO Max’s Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace that he plans to spend a lot of time rebuilding the iconic character’s muscles: “I’ve learned you can’t be in a hurry. I now know that things take time. From the end of [The Music Man] to the start of filming, we have six months. I won’t be doing any other work. I’ll spend time with my family and work out. That’s what I’ll do for the next six months.”

Hugh Jackman has been singing and dancing in the Broadway play The Music Man since late 2021. His last show was on January 15, and then he went back to being Wolverine. So, considering how hard it is to be a late-night musical theater performer, it’s clear that training to become Wolverine won’t start over again.

“And I’m in great shape right now. I’m in good shape, which is one of the benefits of singing and dancing eight times a week on Broadway. So I’m fine. I have a good place to start,” Hugh Jackman said, and then he added, “Excuse me, guys. They go one mile. I’m coming for you, so start running now.”

Hugh Jackman, on the other hand, has already been getting back into wrestling shape. In October, he said that protein shakes he had been drinking before Deadpool had caused him to tear several pants on stage. This is not the first time the 54-year-old actor will move from Broadway to the world of superheroes. In 2014, he started training for X-Men: Days of Future Past right after finishing a season of The River on Broadway. In an interview with the LA Times at the time, the actor said, “I lose muscle very quickly when I dance. The body is very smart and efficient, and a traditional dancer’s body won’t be big on top because it doesn’t need those muscles.”

Hugh Jackman may be inspired to get back into shape as Wolverine by the training he did for the movie Logan, which he posted a lot about on his Instagram account. It had 100 clapping pushups, a phased routine to focus on lean muscle and reduce body fat, and a few sets of heavy weights. The goal was to get muscles so defined that they could probably cut glass. load. But we have to be honest and say that it would take us six months just to get over the idea of adopting such a strict training plan.

The biggest question about Deadpool 3 isn’t whether or not Hugh Jackman will ever get back in shape to play Wolverine again, because there’s no doubt about that. Instead, the most important question is when this story takes place in time, since Jackman killed off the character in 2017’s Logan (spoiler alert). But Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have made things a little clearer. in a video that was posted on Instagram.

“You have questions,” Reynolds begins. “Yes. I had many things to ask, “Hugh Jackman says so too. “But you can be sure that we’ll answer them right away. How, for example, is Wolverine still alive after Logan? Reynolds then says, “Logan is set in the year 2029. Something very different. Logan died in Logan . That is not touched,” which seems to keep Logan’s canon safe.

So until November 2024, when Deadpool 3 comes out and answers all of our questions, we can enjoy Hugh Jackman’s long and painful training videos, which he will surely post on Instagram. 

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