Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Opposes Vaccine Mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the latest GOP Governor to oppose the vaccine mandate in the US. Biden’s order giving freedom to private companies to issue vaccine mandates for its employees has not gone down well with DeSantis. He revealed how many vaccinated people are also against such mandates as it steps on the personal freedom of Americans. Moreover, he said, “There’s also people that you look … they, a lot of their … you have a certain class of people that are vaccinated. They took it, they wanted to do it, but they object to these mandates as well. And they believe that it should be their own choice, and they don’t want other people to be kind of coerced into doing it.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Source: Florida Politics

Vaccine Mandate Destroying People’ Trust In Public Health, Says Ron DeSantis

DeSantis thinks forcing people to take the vaccine is not the way forward to tackle this virus. As per him, people’s trust in public health is going down due to such mandates. Therefore, it is necessary to stop such kinds of mandates. Furthermore, he said, “So I think the coercion is just totally wrong. I think it’s destroying trust in public health, to the extent that there was still trust left over after all the stuff that’s been done. But I think it’s really, really negative.”

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