Idaho Governor Brad Little Talks About Drug Cartels In US-Mexico Border

Idaho Governor Brad Little was among the many GOP Governors who visited the US-Mexico border in Texas. After observing the crisis at the border, he talked about the drug cartels present at the border. As per him, the Mexico side of the border looked prosperous while the US side looked in chaos. Moreover, he said, “We went up the Rio Grande river and on one side were these great big mansions that were the second, third or fourth homes for a drug cartel. On the American side of the border was chaos.”

Idaho Governor Brad Little
Source: Idaho Statesman

Idaho Governor Highlights The Inhumane Nature Of Drug Cartels At The Border

As per Governor Little, the drug cartels at the border are only driven by profit. Nothing is more important to them than earning profit. In this process, they tend to forget about the lives of people affected by the drugs. Little said, “They are totally driven by profit. They have no humanitarian aspect to what they do and when the profit margin for these pills, these pill mills went up, that’s what they’re doing.” Governor Little, along with other GOP governors have urged President Biden to take immediate action regarding the crisis at the border.

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