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Ireland Baldwin Defends Stepmom Hilaria Baldwin After Social Media Controversy On Her Identity

Step Daughter Ireland Baldwin Defends Hilaria Baldwin Amid Controversy

Ireland Baldwin has stepped forward to defend her stepmother Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria has been in the middle of controversy lately. She has always claimed to have Spanish origins. However, soon it became viral on Twitter that she might not be having a Spanish origin after all and she was making it up all this while. While she did clarify from her side, her stepdaughter Ireland defended her. Moreover, she said, “It’s so pathetic that anyone would want to play detective and dig that deep into someone’s life that they don’t know anything about, don’t know how they were raised, don’t know who they were raised by.”

Hilaria Baldwin Ireland Baldwin
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Ireland Baldwin Praises Stepmother Hilaria Baldwin

Ireland further went on to praise Hilaria for the person she is in reality. Ireland is the daughter of Alec and his first wife Kim Basinger. Even though they don’t share a blood relation, they are close and have a lot of respect for each other. Moreover, Ireland said, “And the last thing we really need to do is start s— and gossip about something just so, so stupid. She could be a malicious, terrible, horrible human who tears people down — but she isn’t.”

Ireland Calls Hilaria A Wonderful Person

Ireland did not stop with her praise for Hilaria. Furthermore, she went on to call her a wonderful person. She even praised Hilaria as a mother and a wife to her father Alec. Moreover, she said, “Hilaria is a wonderful mother who takes great care of her kids and she takes great care of my dad and that’s all that really matters to me.”

Hilaria Baldwin Ireland Baldwin
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Ireland Feels Lucky To Know Hilaria As A Person

Ireland asked people to stay away from things they have no knowledge about. Moreover, she said, “I know who you are and I know what you are not and I’m lucky to know you for who you truly are.”

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