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Is Julia Roberts Dumped By Husband Via Text Message?



Is Julia Roberts a single woman now? A tabloid claims the actress was dumped by her husband via text. Let’s get straight to the reports.

Julia Roberts threw away the text?

“Julia’s heart was knocked out of the text!” Read the title of the latest Women’s Day article. According to the tabloids, the marriage of 18-year-old Julia Roberts and Danny Moder has taken a turn for the worse because of the alarming texts they received on the phone. The publication uses a photo of the actress walking alone on the beach staring at her cellphone as a reference for the story. “Whatever he sees is not good news,” said an insider.

The source continued, “He was taped to his phone and looked very sad.” The magazine then hinted at various rumors stating that their marriage was in danger. “You’re on a different side these days. Julia raised and moved her and her three children to San Francisco and it seems to upset them. Danny fled back to Los Angeles if he could,” said another unnamed source.

The insider added, “I was surprised they were in Hawaii around Christmas time because they usually prefer white Christmas over retreats in New Mexico. But Danny is an avid surfer so it could be a hit or break. And if you look at the pictures, it isn’t. goes well.

Can the rumors be true?

The publication also stated that the couple had not been seen publicly together since February. Of course we are still in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. However, the informant also revealed that the photo Roberts posted on Instagram for the couple’s 18th birthday was “just for appearance” and nothing more. “It seems that things have been separated for so long that it could be the end,” the city council concluded.

We have heard this story many times

Unfortunately for the magazine, Gossip Cop missed a similar story from a separate tabloid a few days ago. New Ideas claims Julia Roberts and Danny Moder traveled to Hawaii to try to save their marriage. The publication also claims the trip is a “test” to see if the two can understand things. However, Gossip Cop corrects erroneous reports as we have done several times before. Plus, the idea that Roberts and Moder’s marriage broke up just because the Pretty Woman star walked alone on the beach and checked her cellphone is one of the silliest stories we’ve ever heard.

Plus, Women’s Day isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to Roberts and their marriage. Last year the magazine claimed Roberts was hiding behind his marital problems. In the summer, the tabloids falsely claimed that Moder was jealous of Roberts, who worked with Denzel Washington. Obviously, the magazine lacks understanding of the actress and her personal life.

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