Dr. Anthony Fauci Thinks Israel Right About Booster Shots

Booster shots have become a topic of discussion in the US. The FDA recently approved booster shots for people falling in certain brackets. However, it has not been approved for all Americans yet. President’s medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks the booster shots would be eventually approved for everyone. Israel is one nation that has already started the process of administering booster shots for everyone. Fauci is of the strong belief that Israel is on the right path. Moreover, he said, “I think ultimately there will be enough data to show that Israel is doing the right thing.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci
Source: LA Times

People Should Fight The Virus And Not Each Other, Says Fauci

In the US, there is still a large chunk of the population that has not taken a single dose of vaccine. Vaccine mandates have become a political debate and Fauci thinks people are forgetting that the common enemy is the virus. The lack of vaccination can hurt the US and people stepping forward to take the vaccine is one of the only ways to fight the virus. Furthermore, Fauci said, “I see the end of it if we all pull together and recognize that the enemy is the virus and not each other. We are all in this together. It is unacceptable that in a country such as ours that we still have 70 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not yet gotten vaccinated.”

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