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Jada Pinkett Immediately Thought About Willow, Jaden And Trey On Seeing Olivia Jade !



Jada Pinkett Olivia Jade

Jada Pinkett Gives Her Take On Olivia Jade

Jada Pinkett and Olivia Jade came face to face on Red Table Talk recently. Jada’s mother was not happy with it but Jada decided to call her and discuss things with her. Later she gave her take on Olivia. Jada feels Olivia is still young and is facing the consequences of what her parents did. Moreover, she said, “To me, this young girl is reaping the repercussions of some actions of her parents.”

Jada Pinkett Olivia Jade

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Jada Pinkett Was Reminded Of Her Kids On Seeing Olivia Jade

Jada Pinkett sympathized with Olivia whose parents are currently in prison. She immediately remembered her kids- Jaden, Willow, and Troy. Jada could relate to the fact that Olivia had to face the heat of her parent’s wrongdoings. Moreover, she said, “,” said the 49-year-old. “When I heard her story, it just reminded me of Jaden [Smith], Willow and Trey [Smith]….As a parent, I’m like, oh, I’ve been in that position with me thinking I know what’s best for my kids, and then they suffer the consequence of it.”

Jada Pinkett Compares Willow Smith And Olivia Jade

Jada Pinkett tried to evaluate Olivia’s situation of privilege by comparing it with Willow. Moreover, she said, “The fact that Willow for so long suffered in silence and even turned to self-harming herself because she didn’t feel like she had a right to be hurt. I’ve had to deal with that part, as well.”

Willow Smith Olivia Jade

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Jada Feels Olivia Deserves Another Chance And Some Space

Jada feels Olivia deserves to get another chance. She feels just because Olivia is privileged doesn’t mean she is not allowed to commit mistakes. Moreover, she said, “People go, ‘Your kids are going to be fine because they’re rich. We don’t care.’ And that’s painful and it’s not true. I feel like Olivia deserves the space.”

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