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James Corden To Quit The Late Night Show And Will Be Returning To The UK? Fans Are Shocked!




Did James Corden just hint that he will be quitting the late-night show? Fans are just in shock after he hinted and made statements about him being homesick and returning to the UK. Recently James Corden confirmed that he’ll be back to the UK with family. And that has made fans very upset as they believe that he might just quit the late-night show. The late-night show by James Corden has been a medium of drama for the Americans for years. Check out everything you need to know about it.


James Corden has been hosting his late night show since 2015 and it has been one of the biggest hit of America. She has received love and appreciation from people all around the world. Every few days a famous celebrity would join him to the late night show. And they would talk about the personal and professional life. Fans really did enjoy James Corden‘s late night show. However, it came to a pause since the COVID-19 pandemic. But fans expected it to be back again as the situation cools down.

James Corden’s Statements

However, in a recent interview James Corden mention that he has been home sick due to the pandemic. He does everything from the home and doesn’t like going out as much. He’s really enjoying being at home. These statements just shocked the fans and they believed that it hinted towards the end of the show. Several rumours and news have been going around the internet as James Corden is going to quit his show to be back at his home in UK. and will enjoy his life at home.

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Even though there is no confirmed news about it fans are still tripping about it. Since fans would receive a lot of tea and drama from the show. And most celebrities would join eight every few. James has worked with almost every famous people of America. He’s worked with the Kardashians the general or the supermodels and every famous actor. He is one of the most successful comedian of America and fans enjoy his sense of humour a lot.

About James Corden

James Corden Is married to 44-year-old TV producer Julia Carsey. The two have three children together. The entire family used to live in the UK but got settled in United States in 2015 after Jim started working as a comedian for the late night show. The show has been a milestone for James at it received a A lot of recognition and has been the heart of people.


soon after the clips of interviews went viral where James Corden has mentioned that he is home sick. Fans went crazy about it as they believed that he might just end the show. And that is not something anyone would want. Fans all over the social media are rooting for him to be back at the show I am not just quit it like that. However, there is no confirmation about the news. We can expect James to be back after taking a break as well. what do you think about it?


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