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Jodie Foster Kisses Wife Alexandra Hedison At Golden Globes !



Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster Has Come A Long Way

The American actor, director, and producer, Jodie Foster sealed her win this year on the Golden Globes with a kiss on the lips from her wife, Alexandra Hedison. Moreover, eight years ago, Jodie publicly came out on the stage of Golden Globes. “I love my wife — thank you, Alex!” said a pajama-clad Foster, who was cuddled up on the couch with Hedison and their dog while virtually accepting her honor.

Jodie Foster

Source: The Guardian

Jodie Foster Was Silent About Her Sexuality for Years

Jodie was for years private about her sexuality, only coming out during an acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 70th Golden Globe Awards in 2013. She said at the time (via The Hollywood Reporter), “I guess I have a sudden urge to say something that I’ve never been able to air in public that I’m a little nervous about — but maybe not as nervous as my publicist. So, I’m just going to put it out there, loud and proud, right? I’m going to need your support on this. I am, uh … I’m single.”

Jodie Foster States That She Did Her Coming Out ‘A Thousand Years Ago’

She furthermore continued, “I already did my coming out a thousand years ago, in the Stone Age. Those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to friends and family and co-workers then gradually to everyone that knew her, everyone she actually met. But now apparently, I’m told that every celebrity is to honor the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance, and a primetime reality show.”

Jodie Foster

Source: Cosmopolitan

Jodie Foster Thanked Everyone Who Supported Her.

“There’s no way I could ever stand here without acknowledging one of the deepest loves of my life: my heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in love but righteous soul sister in life, my confessor, ski buddy, consigliere, most beloved BFF of 20 years, Cydney Bernard,” she further said.


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