US President Joe Biden Congratulates Justin Trudeau On Winning Canada Election

Justin Trudeau is receiving congratulatory messages from all corners of the world after he won the federal election in Canada which was held on 20th September. He failed to secure the majority but managed to keep himself as the Prime Minister. US President Joe Biden congratulated Trudeau on winning the election and expressed his desire to continue the strong bond between the US and Canada. Moreover, the White House released a statement that said, “The President expressed to Prime Minister Trudeau his desire to continue working closely and deepening collaboration with Canada – one of our nation’s top partners.”

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau
Source: Toronto Sun

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Congratulates Trudeau

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the next in line who congratulated Trudeau on winning the election. He also expressed the need to further tighten the relationship between the UK and Canada. Boris said, “Congratulations [Justin Trudeau] on your re-election. The U.K. and Canada are great friends and partners and I look forward to us working closely together in the years ahead.” Boris Johnson and Joe Biden recently met at the White House where the two talked about many things including COVID pandemic, climate change, etc.


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