Joe Biden Insists Vaccine Mandates Are Working

The rate of vaccination has slowed down in the US. The people who were willing to take the vaccine have already taken it. However, there is still a considerable group of people who are skeptical about taking the vaccine. That is why President Joe Biden announced vaccine mandates in the US and allowed private firms to mandate vaccines for their employees. In a recent speech, he insisted that the mandates are working as people are getting vaccinated. Moreover, he said, “The vaccine requirements that we started rolling out in the summer are working.”

Joe Biden and Phil Murphy
Source: PIX 11

66 Million Still Unvaccinated, Says Joe Biden

Biden revealed that despite the vaccine mandates, 66 million people are still not vaccinated in the US. Such a high portion of unvaccinated people is unacceptable according to the President. Furthermore, he said, “We’re down to 66 million, still an unacceptably high number, of unvaccinated people. We can’t let up now.”

Joe Biden
Source: CNN

Biden Faces Pushback From Republican Governors For Mask Mandate

Biden’s vaccine mandate has not gone down well with Republican Governors. Some of the governors have already passed laws and executive orders opposing Biden’s order. However, Biden thinks vaccination should not be an issue that divides the people of America. He said, “Vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us.”

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