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John Legend Reveals He Started Playing Piano At The Age Of FOUR !



John Legend

John Legend Started Playing Piano When He Was Four

John Legend is one of the rare talents who is part of the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Toby) family. He is nothing short of a legend when it comes to his contributions to the music industry. In a recent interview, he went down memory lane to reveal the first time he took a piano in his hand. Moreover, he revealed how he started playing the piano when he was only four years old. He said, “We had a piano in our house growing up. I saw it there and I was like, ‘Well, obviously it’s meant to be played.'”

John Legend

Source: YouTube

John Legend Also Learned Piano From His Grandmother

John revealed how he started taking lessons when he was just four years old. Moreover, his grandmother also taught him to play the church hymns and songs by the time he was seven. He said in the interview, “I was like, ‘Mom, I wanna take piano lessons.’ I was 4 years old. I started taking classical piano lessons at 4 and then my grandmother was our church organist and she started to show me how to play gospel music when I was like 7 or 8.”

John Legend

Source: Facebook Watch

John Reveals His Love For R&B Music

John feels his childhood molded him to become the star he is today. Moreover, he said, “That’s really where I became a musician. You know the feeling? I wouldn’t be where I am without that experience.” John is a big fan of R&B music and Beyonce comes on the top of his life. He said, “I love R&B [like] Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé. I was that kid at Inglewood High [School] hanging with the gangsters but listening to Destiny’s Child.” John is an all-rounder and has excelled in every field that he has touched as an artist.

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