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John Stamos Reveals His Son Billy Is Constantly Asking For A Baby Sister !



John Stamos

John Stamos Reveals How Much He Misses His Son

John Stamos shares a very close bond with his son Billy. However, he is away from him nowadays as he is busy working for a Disney production. He revealed how much he misses his son and how the quarantine rules are making it harder for him to be with Billy. Moreover, he said, “He’ll FaceTime, he goes, ‘Dad, you have no germs.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know, buddy. I’ll find out soon. I miss you. I miss swimming.’ So it’s difficult. But I think at the same time, we’re employing a lot of people and we’re being safe as we can.”

John Stamos

Source: Us Magazine

John Stamos Reveals His Son Is Asking For A Baby Sister

John Stamos opened up recently on how he and his wife are trying for another baby. However, they haven’t been successful because of John being in quarantine most of the time. He revealed Billy is rooting to have a sister and is asking for it. Moreover, John said, “He’s very used to our attention. He’s been asking for a sister, I think, but I think it would probably eat up the kid for a while. It’s tough, because he’s not around a lot of kids these days because he can’t go to school.”

John Stamos

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John Reveals How Tough It Is To Be A Parent

John always wanted kids and thought he had everything figured out as a parent. However, he got a reality check when he actually became a father. Moreover, he said, “I thought I knew about being a parent. It’s so much harder than I thought to be a good parent. I can see why there are so many messed up people in this world, because even if you do everything right, good luck. But it just takes so much time and so much patience and so much common sense.”

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