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John Stamos Reveals How Quarantine Is Ruining His Plans For Baby Number Two !



John Stamos

Quarantine Getting In The Way Of John Stamos Trying For Baby Number Two

John Stamos is having some trouble expanding his family. He has been in quarantine for the third time now and it is playing as a spoilsport for him and his wife. They are trying to have another baby but quarantine is ruining their plans. John is frustrated but helpless at the same time. Moreover, he said, “We’re trying to expand our family, but this quarantine is getting in the way. I mean, big time. I’m currently in quarantine. This is my third time, actually.”

John Stamos

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John Stamos Reveals How Disney Is Doing Their Best In Times Of Covid

John Stamos is busy making a film with Disney. Moreover, he already tested positive for coronavirus in January and was under quarantine. However, he revealed how Disney is taking all the steps to ensure safety in times of Covid. Moreover, he said, “I’m grateful to the studio, Disney. They’ve been doing everything they can. They really are, but there’s only so much. We get tested three or four times a week … If somebody tests [positive], everybody goes home, and that’s what happened on my day seven or something. This last time, no one else got it. So the technique works, but you know, I’m away from my wife and kid for 10 days.”

John Stamos

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John Reveals How Much He Misses His Son

John is the father to two-year-old son Billy. He revealed how he misses his son so much but can do nothing about it. Moreover, he said, “I FaceTime Billy. He knows I’m here. And he started crying again. I want to cuddle, you know? So Caitlin said that I might have some germs and I don’t want to give them to him, but we don’t know yet because I have to be tested.”

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