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Johnny Depp Accuses Amber Heard Of Not Donating Promised Money. SHE RESPONDS BACK !



Johnny Depp Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Accuses Amber Heard Of Not Donating Alimony

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had an ugly divorce. Moreover, things have not remained well between the two. Last year, Johnny and Amber had an intense court battle. In the end, Amber emerged victorious with Johnny being held guilty of domestic abuse. Furthermore, at the time of their divorce, Amber had promised the court to donate the money received as alimony to charity. Now things are again heating up between the two. However, Johnny has now accused Amber of not fulfilling the promise.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

Source: Deadline

Amber Heard Responds To Accusations By Johnny Depp

Amber Heard decided to give a prompt reply to Johnny Depp’s accused. Moreover, she issued a statement clarifying her stance on the accusation. The statement was made by her legal team on beyond of her. Furthermore, the statement read, “Amber has already been responsible for seven figures in donations to charitable causes and intends to continue to contribute and eventually fulfill her pledge.”

Amber Heard Blames Johnny For Delay In Donation

Amber Heard has pointed fingers at Johnny for her delay in donating the promised money. She revealed that she had to pay a lot of her earnings and savings for her legal battle against Depp. The payment of legal fees led to a delay in paying the money to charity. Moreover, the statement read, “However, Amber has been delayed in that goal because Mr. Depp filed a lawsuit against her, and consequently, she has been forced to spend millions of dollars defending Mr. Depp’s false accusations against her.”

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

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Amber And Johnny Gear Up For Another Round Of Legal Battle

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will again come face to face for another legal battle. The last one took place in the UK and the next one will take place in the US.

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