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Justin Bieber Calls Out Tom Cruise Once Again In His Instagram Post. Fans Are Mad!




Just when we thought Justin Bieber is in creating any more drama he is back at it again. Justin Bieber has uploaded a picture very is Tom Cruise and calls him a toast. This is not the first time he has created a drama around Tom Cruise. Back in 2019, he asked Tom we have a UFC fight with him. Fans are very mad at him for doing it but he has done it again. Tom Cruise in no way has responded to Justin Bieber yet but fans are very excited to see what he’ll say about it. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Justin Bieber has reignited with his Bizarre Instagram post very asks famous celebrities to come fight with him. It looks like he has got some kind of problem with Tom Cruise as this is the second time he has pulled up this prank. His fans aren’t really happy with what he has done for the second time. He has uploaded a post where he is in a ring. Any has captioned the picture in the most cryptic way possible. In the caption I called Tom Cruise a toast.

Justin Creates Drama

It all started in 2019 when Justin Bieber challenged Mission impossible superstar Tom Cruise. In 2019 he took to the Instagram to upload a picture and challenge Tom Cruise to have a UFC fight with him. And that is when we asked Tom to come fight with him. Fans are very surprised with what exactly what was doing on the internet. In 2019 after his post went viral fans went crazy about it. With the majority of his fans throwing shade at him for doing such a bizarre thing.

Picture via Instagram.

However, after that all we saw on he’s Instagram account was his pictures with his wife Hailey Bieber. Fans believed that Justin has changed and is no more going to create any kind of drama. But of course friends weren’t right this time. Justin Bieber recently uploaded a picture from his new song anyone. In the picture he is shirtless and is wearing gloves to fight someone and is seen in the ring. It was when iconic scene from his music video.

Fans Responses

Fans did like the picture but not the caption he made after words. He captioned the same picture as Tom Cruise is a toast. Fans are very shocked as this was the second time he came after Tom Cruise. Then Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actor of all time. And insulting him on the internet for the second time was an insult for his fans as well.


When the pictures went viral along with the caption Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber‘s fans started fighting over. However, Tom Cruise looked very much unbothered with the whole situation as he I didn’t replied to any of it. And that is the best thing about him as he ignores such cryptic and bizarre things every time. But let me tell you guys fans aren’t happy with Justin Bieber at all.


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