Canada PM Justin Trudeau Wins Election For The Third Time

Canadians have elected Justin Trudeau as their Prime Minister for the third time in a row now. However, the election result is clearly showing that his popularity has spiraled down ever since his landslide victory in 2015. Even though he won the election, he failed to secure a majority. It shows that many people wanted a change in Presidency. Trudeau did not address any of it and celebrated his victory. He said, “There are still votes to be counted, but what we’ve seen tonight is that millions of Canadians have chosen a progressive plan. As Canadians, you’ve elected parliamentarians to deliver on all this and our team, our government, is ready.”

Canada PM Justin Trudeau
Source: IMF

Canada PM Justin Trudeau Thanks Opposition Party Leaders After Winning Election

Contesting an election is never easy, especially when you end up losing it. Trudeau thanked all the leaders of the opposition parties for their contribution and choosing life to serve the people of Canada. He said, “To the leaders of the other parties and their families, thank you for being part of this important moment. Political life isn’t easy. This is the path you choose because you believe in serving those around you. Thank you for your service.”

Canada PM Justin Trudeau
Source: The Tribune India

Trudeau Has A Message For Those Who Did Not Vote For Him

Justin Trudeau shared a message for those people who voted for someone else but him. He promised to work for them and change their opinion regarding him. Furthermore, he said, “Because no matter how you voted, just like no matter where you come from, what language you speak, the color of your skin, the way you pray I hear you. I hear you when you say that we can only move forward if no one is left behind.”


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