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Kanye West Rewrites His 10th Album. Reports Claim Lyrics Will Now Have Kim Kardashian.




Things are not going well for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West if their divorce battle is going on. Reports claim that Kanye West is working on his new album. And the lyrics of his new rap is related to his divorce battle and based on Kim Kardashian. as their divorce rumour has taken a different tone and things are getting ugly between the two. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly done with each other and are looking forward to divorce each other soon. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Kanye West was too release his 10th album in 2019 after his last album Jesus is king. But the 43 year old iconic rapper and entrepreneur left people waiting for his new album which was to be released soon. However, Kanye West is rewriting his album referring to Kim Kardashian and mentioning her in the lyrics amid divorce battle. Reports claim that things are not going pretty well and turning in an ugly spat for the two superstars.

The New Music Album

A music insider has recently claimed and has given a lot of information about Kanye’s new album. The insider claims that he is new album is going to be about break up, break down and problems we had with Kim Kardashian. It even claimed that the song was already written and was about to be released but then Kim Kardashian decided to rewrite it. I decided to mention the problems we had with Kim Kardashian in it.

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However, reports claim that Kim Kardashian has already got in the news about Kanye West’s new song. Kardashian already knows that the song is going to be all about her and can be sort of a Disstrack. But she has mentioned and asked West not to be disrespectful towards her family in his music. It seems like Kim Kardashian doesn’t mind having a Disstrack over her but she will definitely mind it if her family is dragged in it. Fans are very interested and excited about the beef and he’s new music.

The Divorce Battle

It all started with fans noticing that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t met since almost 3 years. West has not even joined in any of the parties and events. Later Kim Kardashian confirmed it by hiring divorce lawyer Laura. Even Kanye West claimed that he hasn’t seen his children and wife in three months. The two are looking forward to watch the reverse as they are done with each other.


The worst thing about it is an insider mentioned that Kanye West was not willing to leave children and stay separately. but it is Kim Kardashian who force him to move out of the house and now Kanye West is not willing to come back. The divorce rumours and accusations have been taking place since over a year now after the two having immense amount of problems between them. Expect more such drama and scandals between the two of them during the divorce battle. What do you think about it?


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