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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Have Accepted The End Of Their Marriage?



Kim K and Kanye West have been living separately since the past three months. They weren’t even seen together during Christmas or New Year eve. And according to the reports Kanye West is not planning on moving to LA back with his wife and four children. Kanye West has moved out and the two iconic celebrities are living separately at the moment. However this is not what fans expected. As their relationship looks to be effectively over. Check out everything you need to know about it.


It seems like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are accepting They’re almost over relationship. As the two have not been spotted together for months now. And according to the reports Kanye West has no plans to go to LA and meet his wife and four children. The two celebrities have been living separately for over three months and things look like they are going in a completely different manner. Even though both of them are happy in their own lives fans aren’t really happy about the same.


The Marital Problems

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are facing marital problems since years now. However it first came to Publix noticed during the elections. It was when Kanye West was running for the presidential election. Kanye West came up on the internet and bashed his own wife by claiming that he wanted to divorce her since a really long time. Moreover, a lot more things happened as both Kanye and Kim’s friends and families got involved.

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The two started having a lot of problem since then. Fans started making tons of assumptions as well about their marriage. Even though Kim Kardashian held Kanye West during the election things weren’t the best in their love life. Few months back reports came that the two were living separately and are focusing on their careers. Fans saw it as an indication of divorce. However, Kim Kardashian‘s friends and family members claimed that they are just trying to keep themselves busy with their work and focus on their life rather than having their fights.


Fans Responses

Fans understood the frequency of their problems when they did not seek West in Kim Kardashian‘s Christmas posts and New Year posts. For those of you who are following Kim Kardashian know that she likes being involved in social parties specially with the family. And Kanye West accompanies her every single time except this one. Fans are very shocked when they did not see him in Kim‘s pictures. And they started making tons of assumptions thereafter.


And the recent reports claim that since past three months the couple hasn’t met. And there is no confirmation about when they will be meeting next. It is also claimed that the two are in touch with each other and communicate often. West even FaceTime is her four children every single day. But all fans are expecting is to see the couple back together. However, we see this as an indication of divorce only. what do you think about it?


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