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Kim Kardashian End Friendship With Jeffrey Star After Kanye And Jeffrey Affair Rumour.



Reports claim that Kim Kardashian feels embarrassed of the rumours going around of Kanye West having an affair with her friend Jeffrey Star. Kim Kardashian and Jeffrey Star have been friends for a while as they have attended Same makeup events together.


However, it looks like their friendship has come to an end after having to deal with the embarrassment. Kim claims that she is humiliated with the whole situation of Kanye West and Jeffrey Star allegedly having an affair. however, Jeffrey Star has cleared the air but will things get normal between Kim Kardashian and Jeffrey Star? Check out everything you need about it.


Recently a rumour started that claimed that the reason behind Kim Kardashian‘s divorce is that Kanye West is having an affair with Jeffrey Star. In the first place fans found the rumour to be very vague. But as it went viral over the internet fans started bashing everyone involved in it. However, Jeffrey Star cleared the air bye posting a YouTube video in which she explained everything. But on the other hand, Kim Kardashian feels very humiliated with the entire situation.

The Beef Between Kim And Jeffrey

It all started with a tik-tok video where a girl accused Jeffrey Star of having an affair with Kanye West. The Girl claimed that that is the reason why Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kanye West. She accused Kanye West and Jeffrey Star of several other things linking up in a completely different manner. However after Jeffrey Star explained everything the girl claimed that she did it out of boredom and it was all a prank. The TikToker Ava is known for her notorious pranks and videos all over social media platform and this was one of it.

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Even though fans were not very happy with the whole situation people forgot about Kim Kardashian and what she must be feeling about it. Reports claim that Kim Kardashian felt very humiliated as she was friends with Jeffrey Star. And the fact that Jeffrey Star didn’t clear the air for a while made things even worse. Kim Kardashian then asked Jeffrey Star to shut down the rumours as she feels very humiliated by the situation. And so did Jeffrey Star did.

Will The Friendship come To An End

Jeffrey Star has attended many of Kim Kardashian make up events. To have hung out several times together for make up and several other reasons. It is claimed that the two were good friends before the rumour started. But now things are just going bad put the three of them. Kim Kardashian even made a video where she claimed that she doesn’t like the head that is spread towards another person which involves her as well.


Kim Kardashian is already dealing with a lot with keeping up with the Kardashian coming to an end and shooting the last episode of it. And that is not all she is dealing with several other things including the divorce battle and now the embarrassment of having rumours of her husband dating her friend. What do you think about the whole situation?


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