Kim Kardashian Takes Help From Kanye West Ahead Of SNL Debut

It came as a surprise to everyone that Kim Kardashian will be hosting SNL this week. While she is very nervous about it, she is taking advice from her ex Kanye West for the same. Kim revealed on September 23rd that she would be hosting SNL on October 9. Her fans would love to see what she brings to the table. Kanye has also been very helpful with his tips. A source close to the two said, “He’s giving her advice. She feels a lot of pressure. She wants to wow the audience.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Source: People

Kanye West Has Been Very Supportive Of Kim Kardashian’s SNL Debut

As per another source, Kanye has been very supportive and is trying his best to advise Kim and give her ideas for her SNL debut. Kim also values what Kanye brings to the table as a creative person. Moreover, the source said, “Kim has consulted with Kanye and asked for feedback. She values his opinion creatively and artistically. They’ve talked about some different ideas and he has been very supportive.”

Kim Kardashian
Source: NBC News

Kim Kardashian Wants SNL Gig To Be A Big Success

Kim Kardashian is working very hard to get the SNL gig right. She wants it to be a big success and is doing everything to ensure the same. Furthermore, she said, “He has many suggestions and Kim has been listening,” the source noted. “She is taking this very seriously and putting her heart and soul into it. She wants it go well and is completely focused on the task at hand. She’s definitely nervous and wants this gig to be a success.”

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