Kproxy is a tool that lets you send and receive data from and to a number of different websites and services. The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to browse these websites or servers using your own IP address.

Let’s say you want to go to a particular website, but it’s blocked in your nation for some reason. It’s possible that the website isn’t dangerous and that you simply wish to connect with pals on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram. Maybe you’re in school, but the school’s Wi-Fi network prevents you from accessing YouTube. What are your possibilities for overcoming these constraints?

This is when the proxy enters the picture. Proxies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most popular being a server or a website. They’re the keys to accessing the rest of the Internet, regardless of your connection or location. On the internet, there are millions of proxy websites, but the most majority aren’t worth the time it takes to key in their URL. We’re here today to clear up any confusion about proxies. We’ll go through the basics, compare them to similar services, and even provide you with a list of the top ten proxy websites available on the internet.

What exactly is KProxy?

Kproxy is a tool that allows you to send and receive data from and to a variety of websites and services. The best part is that you don’t have to use your own IP address to visit these websites or servers. This is accomplished by tricking your network’s firewall or network filters into believing you’re visiting a permitted website, even if it’s been banned by your government.

People use KProxies as one of the various options for accessing restricted websites and concealing their IP addresses. VPNs and a few other choices are also available, though free proxy websites are usually more user-friendly for newcomers. If you use a reputable proxy website, such as the ones listed below, they are usually rather risk-free. You usually don’t need to download any additional software and may start surfing the web anonymously and freely directly from the proxy’s website. In many cases, KProxies will improve your Internet connection by bypassing all of your ISP’s firewalls and filters, which can slow it down.

These are only the fundamentals of proxy websites; proxies have a lot of technical features to them.

There are many free proxy websites available, but they are not all created equal. Many proxy sites are free, while some require a fee for additional features. They can improve your Internet browsing experience greatly, while others should be avoided. If you utilize the wrong proxy website, you risk jeopardizing your security and anonymity. As a result, we’ve conducted an extensive study and put each proxy website’s feature to the test.

Extension for Kproxy

KProxy Extension is a portable web browser add-on that improves your security by allowing you to access the internet anonymously. Proxy servers work by hiding your IP address and even your country of origin, allowing you to access websites that would otherwise be unavailable. You only need to install the KProxy Extension on your web browser to use its features. The program can be used to access websites that have been blocked or filtered. Because it displays your connection as a standard HTTPS connection, it will operate with Internet proxies set up at work or school. It also encrypts your connection, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your data when you’re online.

Best Features of KProxy Extension Firefox Proxy

Proxy with a High Level of Reliability

KProxy Extension is completely secure and reliable. Firefox proxy is a web-based platform with bypass capabilities that allows users to rapidly access censored and blocked websites. This simple Firefox Proxy guards against hacking and other unwanted changes by providing a minimal level of privacy and identity protection.

Built-In Powerful Tools

Discover our Firefox proxies server’s powerful yet customizable tools, which include a variety of internet browsers and allow you to independently access all applications, including shopping, news, notifications, updates, search tools, entertainment, web development, Minecraft games, and many others. Overall, it’s a proxy that gives you a full online browsing experience.

Plenty of Themes

To change the appearance of your browser, there are several themes available in the proxies. Examine a variety of topics, including holiday, music, abstract, and others, as well as other components such supreme proxies.

Top 20 Best KProxy Alternatives:


Hotspot Shield offers a free VPN tier, unlike many competitors that simply offer a simple proxy service. Simply put, instead of seeing a single website in a single tab, all internet traffic is routed through a server in another country. Surfers who are serious about their surfing can upgrade and remove HotSpot’s ads from web pages for $29.99 per year.


The AVG-owned proxy site provides a basic free tier of service that is backed by a well-known antivirus company. Premium subscribers have the option of selecting a faster streaming speed, but the free version is sufficient for most text-based websites.

3. HIDE.ME is a simple proxy service that allows users to choose a country from a drop-down menu. The proxy only has three countries (the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States), which may not be enough for location-based surfing, but if you just want a quick and easy solution, a large list isn’t necessary.


Short, to-the-point, and to the point. Although Whoer only has proxy servers in six countries, no-frills access is impossible to go wrong with. The site offers speed testing, IP address information, and “whois” lookup services.


ProxySite is a user-friendly interface that combines security and speed. On the site, there are multiple servers in the EU and the US, but more powerful VPN services cost $9.99 per month.

6. Anonymouse

This free proxy service has been operating for a long time, and users have used it frequently because to the large number of tools and websites it offers. Anonymouse can be used to access proxies for online surfing, email, and Usenet (a news service), for example. If you speak German, you’re in luck because the website offers translations in both English and German.

This is a free proxy site, but you may upgrade to a low-cost monthly subscription if you want better speeds and additional features. With this membership, you’ll also have access to more file downloads and HTTPS websites when using the proxy.


On, you can choose from over 872 web proxies. If none of the other options are available, the site provides a special “random proxy” button that selects a random IP address from a list. When nothing else seems to work, this is the solution.

8. Hidester

This website offers SSL proxy support, which protects users’ computers from scripts and other potentially dangerous software. This proxy server is also regarded for being one of the most trustworthy proxies on the Internet.

Before using our proxy service, you can choose between a European or an American server. In addition, you can encrypt your URL, disable cookies, reject or accept scripts, and remove objects from the loading process.


This is a web proxy that allows you to visit any website, including YouTube. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to pick between proxy servers in the United States and Europe.

When you first visit the website, you’ll see a text box where you can type the URL of the website you want to visit. The proxy website also offers quick access to popular websites such as Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Imgur, and Twitter to save time.


Using our free proxy website, you can either choose a proxy server location manually or have one chosen for you based on current traffic and the websites you want to visit.

Proxy servers in Los Angeles, California, Stockholm, Sweden, London, United Kingdom, Paris, France, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Moscow, Russia, and Saint-Petersburg, Russia are available to users. The only disadvantage of this free proxy service is that the large ad at the top of the browser window cannot be removed. It promotes VPN services and can get in the way of browsing, blocking, or even ruining it in some situations.

11. Proxfree

This list of the best free proxy websites concludes with Proxfree. This is a free proxy service that, as the name says, provides amazing results right quickly. There are a plethora of servers to choose from, each with its unique ping. This is an excellent tool because it helps you to determine which option is the fastest before proceeding. If you’re in India or Southeast Asia, this is a great free proxy site to check out.

12. Zend2

If you want to use a free proxy service to surf Facebook or watch YouTube videos, Zend2 is a good choice. Surprisingly, only a few free proxy websites support these sites, so whenever you come across one that does, bookmark it.

You can also enable or disable cookies, objects, and scripts, as well as using encryption services when utilizing our free proxy website. Remember that you can change these options just before you start surfing with Zend2, and not while you’re browsing.


The next service on our list is VPNBOOK, a well-known online proxy. The restricted number of proxy locations, as well as having to cope with annoying commercials, are some of the disadvantages.

One of the aspects of this service that I appreciate is that it uses the HTTPS protocol.

14. MegaProxy

This one is likewise quite popular among people all over the world, although it has some limits. You can’t use it to submit information to forms, download anything greater than 200KB, or visit https sites, according to LifeWire.

It has a 60-page limit in 5 hours, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term use.


Excellent proxy browser for accessing the most popular websites, including YouTube.

There are a few cool features you could enjoy, including:

  • Allows you to surf anonymously by masking your true IP address.
  • All web pages are now SSL-encrypted.
  • To share opened pages with others, use the Permalink feature.
  • Any operating system, including Android and Chrome OS, can be used.


GenMirror is the most recent addition to this comprehensive list of sites that are comparable to KProxy. This one is mobile-friendly, lightning-fast, and safe thanks to an SSL certificate.

The GenMirror web proxy allows users to access the internet in perfect secrecy.

17. Zalmos

Zalmos is the most recent addition to this list of the world’s most popular and reputable free web proxy providers.

According to the Zalmos team, their service is extremely safe:

Zalmos Web Proxy is designed to keep you safe online, thus we force all websites to go via our platform and utilize HTTPS to encrypt your browser’s internet connection.


Another prominent web proxy service provider is

They are well-known for capabilities such as evading filters while remaining anonymous, as well as offering servers in several countries, each with its own 1Gbps connection.

19. ProxySite.Video

The most advanced free online proxy service is ProxySite.Video. It works with a wide range of websites, including video hosting, search engines, social networking sites, e-mail services, and much more. This service is well worth your consideration.

20. is a website that allows you to bypass filters.

FilterBypass is a free anonymous web proxy that allows users from all over the world to bypass internet filters and browse freely.

They support all major streaming portals, including Youtube and Dailymotion, unlike other web proxies.

KProxy 1

Pros and Cons of KProxy


  • The Pro version is available to premium subscribers who are difficult to restrict.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • The performance is acceptable.
  • There is no advertising in the Pro version.
  • Subscribers to the Pro plan are not forced to pay in months or other time periods. They just have to pay for the days that they are active.
  • The corporation has eliminated restrictions on the KProxy extension.


  • There are some limitations to the free version.
  • There are issues with its privacy policy because it keeps some user logs.
  • This isn’t a high-end proxy service by any means.
  • Not as safe as using a VPN.

How to use KProxy?

  • Anyone who wants to use KProxy must first open their browser and type into the address bar.
  • If it wasn’t obvious before, the user should type this URL into the address bar of his or her web browser.
  • After that, the user should be taken to a new page with a text box in the middle.
  • All the user has to do now is type the web address of any website he or she desires to access.
  • KProxy will do its job and lead the user to his or her preferred website.
    And it’s not going to end there.
  • It will also encrypt the user’s internet connection and provide the user with a new IP address.
  • That’s how it’s supposed to work, at the very least.
  • Using KProxy to access websites that are restricted on the network, according to our research, would work.
  • It’s customary to check if a proxy is operating by going to Internet Options and then choosing Restricted List.
  • Then type in the address of the website you want to visit and see if you can get to it using KProxy.
  • KProxy, based on our findings, will have no issue ignoring the Restricted List.
  • When using a free proxy service, the whole procedure should go as smoothly as possible.
  • KProxy, on the other hand, has one major fault.
  • Every time a user uses the service to access the free and open internet, he or she gets displayed adverts.
  • Commercials are also a no-no.
  • Ads that are tailored to a certain audience.
  • Customers that use KProxy’s online version to access the internet, however, will have to deal with this.
  • The advertisement appears in the upper right corner of the user’s screen as a banner.
  • As a result, customers will notice that the websites they frequently visit have altered.
  • And possibly bizarre.

Customers should not be bothered by the presence of advertisements on every page because KProxy does not charge users any money, and any online anonymity service must spend a large amount of money to stay in business.

Of course, the fact that KProxy displays adverts may deter some users from using it.

  • Advertisements are already bombarding website visitors.
  • When you stack ads on top of one other, it quickly becomes a muddle.
  • Users should also be aware that they must allow their redirects in order to use the KProxy online version.
  • KProxy will continue to display the error message if this is not done. Loading.

Some Warnings for KProxy free users

KProxy comes in handy when all a user wants to do is get around some site screening.

This is an effective proxy that, like wet paper, may bypass ordinary censorship. It, on the other hand, serves no other purpose. KProxy will display a tab urging the user to either pay a subscription charge or wait for a total of 30 minutes to reset his or her meter if the user watches a lot of movies or tries to download a lot of files.

Users who do not upgrade to the PRO service will be severely limited, as KProxy will only allow them to connect to servers in Germany and Canada.

Without a doubt, KProxy is an amazing proxy service. However, there are several superior choices available that do not impose onerous usage restrictions. Some don’t even ask their users for money. KProxy has one advantage over other proxy services in that it has been blocked by a small number of employers and/or colleges.

Some free users may have to suffer a little when using KProxy, according to our findings. If the user disables the KProxy service, the tab that shows after a certain amount of time or after a download can be easily erased. This can be done by hitting a button on the KProxy app. The blue hat button can be used to perform the same operation.

So, why do free users have that tab?

For free users who have used KProxy for more than 3 hours in a row, this tab shows. The user must see that pop-up notification since it is mandated by company policy.

If the user has downloaded more than 300 MB in total, the pop-up message will take up the full screen. The company claims that it is striving to improve the restriction.

Free users will have to wait for a total of 30 minutes after the tab appears to use another 3 hours of KProxy and/or download 300MB.

According to the company, free users can use the official KProxy plugin indefinitely.

The most crucial thing to understand for free users is that after they hit their limit, KProxy does not disconnect them. The tab is everything that is shown to the user.

Why does it behave in this manner?

It does so because it wants all users, including those who aren’t paying, to be aware of whether or not they are protected.

To ensure that they are no longer using the KProxy service, free users must stop using it. KProxy takes this method in order to make the user’s life easier.

Rather than removing the user from KProxy and preventing KProxy from opening that tab, it just informs them. Some proxy providers don’t bother with this, thus free consumers are forced to use an insecure internet connection while thinking it’s secure. The makers of the official KProxy addon designed the application for surfing.

The service never completely ceases, according to the extension’s designers, if a user only uses KProxy to access the internet.

If the free user, on the other hand, watches a lot of films and/or downloads a lot of things from the internet, he or she will quickly reach their limit. KProxy’s creators appear to be aware that some online users are unable to pay, while others simply refuse to pay. They do, however, make every attempt to offer all users a service that is as reliable as possible.

The service’s download limit has also been a source of unhappiness for some KProxy users. The creators of KProxy claim to be aware that the limit annoys some users.

However, because KProxy aims to provide a free, fast, and long-lasting internet service for surfing and granting freedom to all users, it will be difficult for the company to continue providing its services for free if it does not take steps to eradicate such limited downloads.

Proxy and VPN Drawbacks

When you use proxy servers to disguise your online activities, you could run into performance issues that prohibit you from watching or downloading the content you desire. Due to high ping times and other proxy server activity, websites can take a long time to load. As a result, some clients pay for a private proxy server, which allows you to connect faster by limiting the number of users who may use it.

Proxies are also vulnerable to security flaws: they can be hacked, allowing bad actors to break into networks and steal sensitive data. However, some proxies can trace (and preserve) your browsing behavior, as well as record usernames and passwords, rendering the anonymity claim useless.

Depending on how near you are to the VPN server you’re connecting to, VPNs can have performance issues. Because VPNs rely on a local client to connect to the VPN server, any local CPU or memory issues will cause the connections to stutter. VPNs are more expensive to use (and keep up with) than proxy servers, and they’re sometimes more complicated to operate.

VPNs, like proxy servers, can’t guarantee surfing privacy. Neither of these services guarantees that your data is encrypted all the way to the webserver. A VPN can only guarantee an end-to-end encrypted connection if you use the HTTPS protocol when visiting a new website. Your data will be encrypted until it reaches the VPN, but until it reaches the website, it may be unencrypted. Some sites, such as an information-only homepage with no login or payment options, may not need to use HTTPS, but make sure that any sites that require a login or online payments – or any sensitive data – should. Remember that the S denotes “somewhat more secure.”

Benefits of Using a VPN and Using a Proxy

The most convincing reason to use a VPN instead of a proxy is the VPN’s entire encryption of all communications. A VPN is more secure than a proxy, even if they are both the same price. VPN services maintain their own networks, which you connect to via their IP addresses. The top VPN providers claim a logless policy, which means they don’t keep any logs of your surfing habits and don’t share them with anyone.

Both have advantages, and you’ve undoubtedly set them up for your company if you’re an IT business owner responsible for data and user protection. A proxy server could be used to track web traffic, protect the company from malware and other risks, and impose a web content policy for network users.

You’ll want to use a VPN to establish a secure connection to the company’s resources when users are working remotely (email, internal shares, etc.).

What is the procedure for starting a KProxy?

When you start the KProxy Browser, it will open a Firefox window that looks like this. That’s all there is to it; your browser is now linked to the KProxy servers. A blue button with a hat will appear on the right; click it to launch the KProxy Extension box, which will allow you to change servers or update your account details. It has been installed the KProxy Extension.

Is KProxy a VPN in the same way?

Data theft is impossible with the KProxy Extension since it encrypts your browser’s connection to your target server. The KProxy Extension isn’t a VPN; it’s a sluggish protocol that’s easy to detect and block. Your connection will be regarded like any other HTTP connection.


We believe KProxy is capable of doing almost everything its founders say. KProxy allows users to access the web anonymously. However, it only works in the Chrome web browser’s Incognito mode. KProxy will not work if the user is using a web browser other than Google Chrome, according to our research. Of course, this only pertains to the proxy agent version. Users should be able to view the online edition of the book using any web browser.

In terms of the online service, it shows a lock icon that allows customers to switch between standard mode (HTTP) and secure mode (HTTPS).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on KProxy

Is KProxy a better alternative to a VPN?

A proxy service does not outperform a VPN service in general. A poor VPN service, on the other hand, cannot compete with a good proxy service. In this case, KProxy isn’t actually a VPN service. Websites have an easier time blocking proxy servers than VPN servers. VPN services, on the other hand, employ slower protocols. As a result, KProxy’s speedier processes in this area can be extremely beneficial.

KProxy differs from other proxy services in that it disguises the user’s traffic as coming from a conventional HTTP internet connection. KProxy switches servers almost instantly when a service blocks one of its servers.

How do you surf anonymously on KProxy?

Depending on what you want to accomplish, here are five ways to search more anonymously online.

DuckDuckGo is a search engine.
You have complete control over how firms utilize your internet history.
Make use of a virtual private network (VPN) (VPN).
Utilize the Tor browser.
To surf secretly, open a Private Browsing window.
Is KProxy a dishonest business?
No, it’s a legal proxy server that lets you work from home for a variety of reasons. As a result, the network is protected, and multiple places can continue to work without interruption.

When should you use Kproxy in Chrome or Firefox?

KProxy is a Chrome and Firefox anonymous proxy that can be used whenever privacy and anonymity are necessary. Web-based proxies might be tricky to set up and operate, but with KProxy, you won’t even realize you’re using one, and all of your favorite websites will work normally.

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