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Kylie Jenner Tricks Fans With Photoshopped Pictures Once Again. It Creates Chaos!



2021 barely started and Kylie Jenner is back at it again creating drama and scandal. Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to upload a picture that has created controversy is all around the internet. Kylie Jenner uploaded a picture with sister Kendall Jenner which is photoshopped in a snowy background. Fans are very confused as why is she doing it. Kylie is trying to make her fans believe that she’s off on a vacation with her sister and enjoying her life at its best but it is not true the picture is photoshopped. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Fans are just amazed with the courtesy Kylie Jenner have. Yesterday she uploaded a picture with her sister Kendall and the picture was totally photoshopped. Both Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were posing in a fully covered outfit. They were photo shopped in a snowy background. At first it looked like they were enjoying their vacation in the hills and snow. But as fans carefully noticed they realise that the background is photoshopped.

The Photoshopped Pictures

This is not the first time a Jenner or Kardashian would photoshop their picture. not even a week back Kim Kardashian was bashed by her fans as well for creating chaos as she post photo shop the picture. Even Kim Kardashian uploaded a similar picture where her whole family was seen enjoying their vacation in the snow. But it did not take fancy long to realise that the photo was fake. Kim Kardashian got trolled a lot after uploading that picture.

Picture via Instagram.

Fans believe that Kylie Jenner has done it purely for attention. As she couldn’t let any attention divert towards anybody by the end of the year and start of 2021. She did everything she possibly can to get attention of millions of her fans. And let me tell you guys she succeeded as she gets attention of millions of people while fans are mad at her as well.

Kylie Jenner Creates Chaos

The thing that makes it more speculating and suspicious is the fact that she limited her comment section in that particular post. Kylie Jenner never limits her comments section as she enjoys the praising and compliments. However, this time she couldn’t just resist it but limit the comment section. However before she could limit your comments section already bunch of fans attacked her on her social media post by claiming that once again she’s trying to take her fans.


however, this time she isn’t alone fans even dragged Kendall Jenner for the same. As they believe that she is the mature one and she shouldn’t support her sister while she tricks her fans. Let me tell you guys fans are not at all happy with what Kylie Jenner has done and are still attacking her all over the internet. Kylie Jenner has several times fed a picture and have used auto-tune. but her fans do not support her in that and have dashed her every time she has done so. What do you think about it?


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