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Liam Payne Inspired By Harry Styles To Be An American Horror Film Actor.



It looks like One Direction star Liam Payne can just not stop obsessing over Harry styles. Liam Payne has officially declared over the internet that he wants to follow Harry Styles footsteps. Harry Styles have recently confirmed that he will be acting in a horror movie. And that is exactly what Liam Payne wants to do right now. Even though Liam is performing well enough in his music career he can just not stop thinking about acting. The news has made fans very excited as to see the ex-One Direction stars interact in a way. Check out everything you need to know about it.


While starting the new year 2021 Liam Payne interacted with his fans over Instagram. And that is where he revealed all the tea and drama. He even talked about his fellow singer and friend Harry styles. As he claims that he is very happy for him to be acting in a movie after being such a great singer as well. however, fans knew that Liam Payne was trying to communicate something while talking about Harry styles.

Liam Inspired By Harry?

But not long enough after that he was asked about his new year resolution and that is where he talked about him acting in an American horror film as well. For those who don’t know about it Harry styles after 2016 started acting in a few movies while managing his singing career. He is recently acting and preparing himself for a horror movie. There is no doubt in the fact that millions of people are inspired by Harry styles for his determination, skills and more. but we didn’t know Liam Payne would be his fan too.

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“I wanna get killed off in American Horror Story – that’s my New Year’s resolution. Liam Payne claims when he was asked about his new year resolution in 2021. Moreover, he even claimed that he want to act in several other series as well. Does it mean he will quit music and jump into acting? If that is the case then fans doesn’t want him to go anywhere as he is a great singer. His recent song with Instagram influencer and singer Dixie has been loved by the fans.

Liam Payne To Be An Actor

However, fans know for a fact that acting wouldn’t be that hard for this popstar. And it is definitely not a bad idea for him as he got everything it takes to be a great actor as well as singer. Soon after Liam Payne made these statements on the internet fans went crazy. Fans are very excited for Liam Payne as he talks about his fellow best friend Harry styles.


Fans started blowing up the internet while asking all the One Direction members to once again interact with each other as fans would love it. And fans are also excited for Liam Payne as it takes is a new year resolution. We can definitely expect Liam Payne to be acting in one great movie. But we do not want him to quit music any day as he is great in it. What do you think about it?


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