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Liam Payne Is Yet To Watch The Ending Of One Direction Movie ! HERE’S WHY !



Liam Payne

Liam Payne Reveals The Favorite Song Of His Song

Liam Payne recently opened about his three-year-old son Bear. While doing so, he revealed the favorite song of his son and it is a song from him. Liam’s Strip Me Down is a song that his son likes the most. Moreover, he said, “I think he’s finally put two and two together. When he wants to request a song, he says, ‘Alexa, play “Strip That Down.” That’s his favorite, which is amazing — and after about 20 plays, rather annoying.”

Liam Payne

Source: People

Liam Payne Reveals A One Direction Secret He Kept To Himself

Liam Payne shockingly revealed a secret that he had kept to himself all these years. He revealed that he is yet to watch the ending of the One Direction movie. Moreover, he also gave the reason why he did not watch it. It is a moment he wants to share with his children. He said, “The one secret I’ve held to myself is that I’ve never seen the end of the One Direction film. I knew I was going to have a child one day and I actually wanted to watch it with them without knowing how it ends. It’s a decision I made when I was younger, but I feel like now it means more than ever.”

Liam Payne Reveals His Plan For 2021

Liam Payne revealed what he plans to do in 2021. He said, “The music I’ve been making has been a lot of fun for people, but they’re momentary songs, they’re not songs that made you think deeper thoughts about someone you really care about. I’ve really evaluated a lot about myself this year and I think I’m going to take a bit of a different path into 2021.”

Liam Payne

Source: The Guardian

Liam Feels He Is Yet To Get It Right With His Music

Liam is of the opinion that he still has not got it right when it comes to his music. Moreover, he said, “I’m hoping to write some songs and rewrite my story a little bit, because I don’t think that I got it right yet.”

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