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Liam Payne Reveals His Son Gets His IMMENSE Attitude And Confidence From His Mother Cheryl !



Liam Payne

Liam Payne Doesn’t Want His Son To Become A Musician

Liam Payne is a successful artist and musician. He has had a fair share of struggles before reaching where he is today. Many things happened to him at the right time and he went ahead in his life. However, he doesn’t want his son to take the same path. Payne doesn’t want his son to go through the struggle. Moreover, he said, “I am very frightened about the idea of him entering the world that I’m in. I will never ever take for granted the position I’m in, I love it very much and I’ve been doing it for 11 years, but it’s a lot to enter it so young.”

Liam Payne

Source: Hello Magazine

Liam Payne Will Let His Son Do Whatever He Feels Like

Liam Payne revealed that he will never restrict his son from doing anything. He has come to this decision based on his own life. Moreover, Payne feels he has missed out on many things in his life but his son will not have to face that ever. Furthermore, he said, “I maybe missed out on different things, but I will never stop him from doing something that he wants to do.”

Liam Payne Reveals His Son Has More Confidence Than Him

Liam Payne’s son is turning out into a performer at this young age. Liam described an incident where his son ripped off his cape midway through a song. Moreover, he said, “I will say he has way more attitude than me on stage. He was wearing a cape the other day and mid-song, he just decided to rip it off!”

Liam Payne

Source: BBC

Liam Feels His Son Gets The Attitude From His Mother

Liam shares his son Bear with his ex Cheryl. He is of the opinion that his son’s confidence on stage comes from his mother and not from him. Moreover, he said, “It’s ridiculous. He doesn’t get that from me. That is strictly from Mum [Cheryl].”

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