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Liam Payne Went For His Son’s Parent-Teacher Meeting And This Is What He Felt !



Liam Payne

Liam Payne Talks Candidly About His Son Growing Up

Liam Payne shares a three-year-old son with his ex Cheryl. The name of his son is Bear Grey and Liam talked about his growth during the year. He revealed that he is enjoying watching his son grow up. Moreover, he feels Bear is finally finding himself and trying to figure out himself. He said, “It’s been a difficult ride, but it’s fantastic watching him grow into the person he’s become. He’s a really lovely boy and I feel like he’s in the middle of settling into himself.”

Liam Payne

Source: Capital FM

Liam Payne Reveals His Son Looks Exactly Like Him

Liam Payne revealed that his three-year-old son Bear looks exactly like him. He finds it to be a bit strange. Moreover, his relatives always highlight how similar the two look when they see his baby pictures. Payne said, “He looks exactly like me, which is very strange. When family members see baby pictures of me now, they say, ‘Oh wow, Bear looks really great there!'”

Liam Payne Talks About His Experience With Fatherhood Over The Years

Liam became a father at a very young age. Moreover, he revealed how his approach to fatherhood has changed over the years. When he was young, he was constantly learning but it now comes naturally to him. Moreover, he said, “I had my son at a young age, and you think it will be a magical thing, that you’re going to grow up one day into the person you’re supposed to be. But it took a lot to find my footing. I figured, Dad takes care of everyone, that’s what he does, so my thing was to cook.”

Liam Payne

Source: People

Liam Talks About His Experience Of Attending Son’s School Meeting

Liam recently attended his son’s parent-teacher meeting over FaceTime and he felt like a child all over again. Moreover, he said, “I recently received his school report, and I feel quite young for school reports, and spoke to the teacher over FaceTime, and I almost felt like I was the child that she was speaking about.”

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