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Matthew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez Have A Virtual Reunion On 20 Years Of Wedding Planner !



Matthew McConaughey Jennifer Lopez

Matthew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez Celebrate 20 Years Of Wedding Planner

Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez acted in the movie Wedding Planner. Moreover, the iconic movie completed 20 years of release. To mark the occasion, the two decided to have a virtual reunion on the occasion. Moreover, Jennifer and Matthew took a trip down the memory lane to remember the time they shot the movie. Jennifer said, “It still feels a little bit like it was yesterday when we were in the middle of that field with the movie theater doing that scene where you were about to kiss me.”

Matthew McConaughey Jennifer Lopez

Source: Fangirlish

Matthew McConaughey Praises Jennifer Lopez For Her Acting

Matthew showered praise on Jennifer for the way she played her character. Moreover, he went on to say that he admired the pain and preparation that Jennifer did for her role. He said, “As an actress, besides that you love to get in there and do the dirty work and hard work…. you had things down. You love choreography in your [music] and acting as well. I love your deliberation and intentionality and preparation with stuff like that.”

Matthew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez Speak Of The Impact Of Their Film

Matthew and Jennifer feel like the genre of their movie is no where to be found in mainstream media. Moreover, they miss the genre for the very same reason. However, Jennifer also discussed about how the movie gives hope to people about true love. She said, “You’re very aware that you’re doing something that will bring happiness [that will make people] dream a little bit about true love and finding that. That’s everybody’s quest and search in life is to find your place, where you belong, and these movies definitely do that.”

Matthew McConaughey Jennifer Lopez

Source: The Cut

Jennifer Lopez Speaks More On The Movie

Jennifer Lopez revealed why the genre is dying at the moment. Moreover, she said, “I think people got away from wanting to have that for some reason because they wanted things to be real…. how dirty can we make it. How hardcore can it be? “

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