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Matthew Perry Helped Julia Roberts With Quantum Physics To Get Her On FRIENDS



Matthew Perry Julia Roberts

How Matthew Perry Brought Julia Roberts On Friends

Do you remember that episode when Julia Roberts guest-starred in Friend? If you are a Friends fanatic, then you know what I am talking about. However, Julia did not come all by herself for that episode. As per Kevin Bright, the executive producer of the sitcom, Matthew Perry a.k.a Chandler did her quantum physics paper to get her on the show. Moreover, Kevin said, “Matthew asked her to be on the show. She wrote back to him, ‘Write me a paper on quantum physics and I’ll do it.’ My understanding is that Matthew went away and wrote a paper and faxed it to her the next day.”

Matthew Perry Julia Roberts

Source: Page Six

Matthew Perry And Julia Roberts Flirted A Lot During That Time

As per one of the junior writers of the show, Matthew and Julia were constantly flirting with each other at that time. Moreover, the writer said, “They may have met before the episode, but she was interested in him from afar because he’s so charming. There was a lot of flirting over faxing. She was giving him these questionnaires like, ‘Why should I go out with you?’ And everyone in the writers’ room helped him explain to her why. He could do pretty well without us, but there was no question we were on Team Matthew and trying to make it happen for him.”

Julia Roberts Found Matthew Perry Funny

Matthew Perry is the favorite for most of the Friends fans. His sarcasm and sense of humor as Chandler is iconic. Moreover, Julia Roberts also thought the same about Matthew. Another writer of the show said, “She kept saying, ‘Chandler’s so funny!’ And I’m like, ‘I wrote every one of those lines!’ I don’t know if she fell in love with Matthew on the spot but they soon started dating.”

Matthew Perry Julia Roberts

Source: The Mirror

Friends Reunion Anytime Soon

The cast of Friends will come together for a reunion episode. Moreover, it got postponed due to a pandemic. However, things are expected to pick up soon.

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