Why do we love movies about serial killers so much? We might never know the answer, but we can’t deny that they are some of the most interesting stories, especially when we can find macabre pieces of the real world in them.

People say that the first person to kill someone was a man named HH Holmes, who in the mid-1800s built a special “castle” to kill his victims. Keanu Reeves will play Holmes in a new TV show. His story interested a lot of people, but it was just the first of many that, over time, started to be turned into books (and book clubs), podcasts, plays, works of art, movies, and TV shows.

Now, murderer shows are some of the most popular on all streaming services. Their stories are dark, violent, and full of blood, but for some strange reason, we can’t stop watching them. Because of this, the number of murderers shows keeps growing. annually.

Some of the most horrific serial killer series are True Detective, Luther, and Top of the Lake. There are also a few that have definitely left their mark on all of us and on the best TV and streaming shows of this century.

The 21st Century was Marked by a String of Killers

Sharp Objects

Most Horrific Serial Killer Films of the 21st Century
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This series, which stars Amy Adams, is based on a book with the same name. It is a story about violence, abuse, alcoholism, and mental illness. The show is about a reporter who, after years away, has to go back to her small Southern town to look into the deaths of two teenagers. She becomes more and more sure that these deaths are linked to the worst tragedy in history.

Only Murders in the Building

This series stars Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. It’s kind of a spoof/tribute to how much we love true crime shows. The show is about three neighbors who are all obsessed with True Crime, which brings them together and gets them involved in the investigation of a murder that happened near them.

The Killing

This show with Mireille Enos is based on a Norwegian show. A detective is about to retire, but before she does, she agrees to help with one last case that seems easy but turns out to be more violent, dark, and complicated than she thought. The more she obsesses, the more she risks her new life, but her gut tells her that something is wrong and that she can’t leave this unresolved.

Shining Girls

In this sci-fi show, Elisabeth Moss plays a killer who is very strange. Moss plays Kirby, a woman who was attacked and left to die. Years later, she finds out that the man who tried to kill her is back and that her case is linked to the murders of many other women in different decades, each of whom had a clue to the next murder.


This series is based on the true stories of FBI detectives who worked hard to make profiles of serial killers so they could catch them. Ford, Tench, and Wendy Carr were the first people in the police department to do psychological profiling. They decide to talk to some of the most dangerous criminals in history to find out how to stop others like them before they kill anyone. enormous.


In this story, Michael C. Hall became a different kind of serial killer. Dexter follows a psychopath who has a dangerous killer instinct. However, as a child, his father taught him to control it and only use it for good. So, he became a detective who is in charge of solving terrible crimes, but he has a double life and at night he turns himself into one of the criminals he chases.

The Alienist

In this crime series, the main characters are played by Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Daniel Brühl. The actors play an artist, a police assistant, and a very smart psychiatrist who must work together to catch serial killers in 19th-century New York. They must use all their creativity to solve cases that the police can’t.


This show with Anna Friel makes it hard to tell who is good and who is bad. Marcella is a police officer who has a hard life and a stressful job. Things get even worse when she has to look into a murder case that she knows a lot about. The problem for Marcella is that she has blackouts, which makes her wonder if her case might be related to her in a deeper way.

Killing Eve

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer star in this Emmy-winning show, which shows that sometimes the bad guy can also be the hero of the story. In Killing Eve, there are two women who are on opposite sides of the law. One is a detective who is asked to join a secret group, and the other is a brutal serial killer who enjoys killing people and becomes obsessed with the woman who is trying to catch her.

Mr. Mercedes

Based on one of Stephen King’s books, this series starts when a mysterious man steals a Mercedes and uses it to run over and kill dozens of people who were waiting in line. This causes a retired detective to go back to work to try to catch the man. a criminal who is very good at hiding his tracks and has been bothering him for a long time. In Christine, Stephen King wrote about a car that kills people, but this story takes an unexpected turn.

The Tunnel

One of the main characters in this French show is Clémence Poésy (which had a remake with Diane Krueger). When the body of a famous French politician is found dead on a bridge, this series begins. It is clear that she was killed, and the fact that her body was found near the border between France and England means that the police in both countries will have to work together to find the killer, who put the body there on purpose. reason that bothers me.

The Sinner

This is more of a collection of the most horrific serial killer series. The best season is the first one, in which Jessica Biel plays a normal woman who kills a man on the beach in front of her family. Even though the case seems clear at first, a detective won’t close it until he knows why she did what she did. This leads him to find out a story full of dark and dangerous secrets. Every season of the show has a different murder case, and the same detective has to look for the truth to try to figure out who did it.


This show stars Lucy Hale and Henry Lloyd-Hughes. It is a mix of fantasy and real life. The story is about three police officers who must work together to catch a serial killer who takes the skin of his victims to make a strange doll. The problem is that one of the officers, who has mental problems, is more connected to the killer than he thought, and he must look into his confusing past to stop him before it’s too late.


Based on a series of books, this Netflix show with Penn Badgley is one of the most popular. It’s a story about obsession, toxic relationships, and death. It’s about a man named Joe who, in an effort to find the love he’s never had, starts to harass and try to control the women he cares about. As things get more complicated, he decides to kill to get what he thinks he needs.

The Serpent

Most Horrific Serial Killer Films of the 21st Century
Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s this real-life most horrific serial killer series is based on is very sad. The Serpent, written by Tahar Rahim, is about a man named Charles Sobhraj who started trafficking jewelry in Asia. He used his charm and personality to get other people to do his dirty work for him, and then he killed them to steal their identities and keep growing their criminal empire.

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