Netflix’s Bridgerton Creates Controversy Over Sex Scenes. Fans Claim It’s Non-Consensual!

The famous Royal iconic show Bridgerton Has received great hype recently after the release of its first season. The stars of the series has got immense love and fame soon after the release of it. Bridgerton Has been in the top 10 on Netflix in several countries for over a month. However, there are some things about the series that has questioned its worth. The makers of the show are receiving backlash recently for some particular scenes and series. Check out everything you need to know about it now.


The iconic Royal show is about a princess Daphne, who prepares all her life to get the prince charming and marry him. Moreover, Daphne and her sisters prepare for their marriage. They get ready and visit several parties where they are chosen by the love of their life. However, the story isn’t as pleasant as it sounds it comes with a lot of drama and chaos as well. At first Daphne struggles to find a match for herself because of her overprotective brother. But she finds A friend who then then becomes her husband.

Bridgerton Season 1

Simon the lead character of the show is also a deal who is searching for a Duchess. Simon and Daphne Become friends and spend considerable amount of time together but failed to acknowledge that they have fallen in love with each other. A lot of problem and chaos is created in the meanwhile. And that is the twist in the story where Simon claimed that he would rather die but marry her friend Daphne. The rest is a secret.

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However, the story is a beautiful definition of love that has been struggled yet accomplishes all. But that is not all the famous series is also known for its intimate and highly intense sex scenes. In the last four episodes, we can see Simon And Daphne enjoying way too much of their marriage life. however there are some scenes in the movie that has offended the fans and hence the makers of the show have received a lot of backlash for it.

The Scene

Talking about the scenes that I have offended the fans. In one particularly intimate scene Daphne continues to get intimate while Simon stops her. She does it without Simon civil which is considered as glorifying rape. Fans are very offended by this scene as they believe that Simon wasn’t ready for it and it was still done it without as well in the series. And that can ultimately encourage their fans to do the same as it is shown in a glorifying way.


There were several scenes where Daphne Goes against Simon is well and that is glorified a lot. Even the fans of love this series they don’t appreciate some particular scenes in it. The makers of the show have received a lot of backlash all over the internet as the fans claim that the scenes are offending to them. However, the makers haven’t responded to it yet but in an interview, Simon and Daphne have talked about the series, season 2 and more.

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