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Nevada To Finish Up With Counting Only By The End Of Weekend !

Nevada US Election
Source: Newsbreak

Nevada To Complete With US Election Counting Only By Weekend

Nevada is the one state that everyone is looking at to determine the US election result. However, Joe Gloria, Registrar of Voters for Clark County revealed that the state will finish with the voting only by the weekend. Nevada carries a total of 6 electoral seats and it might be the deciding state to seal the result of the election. Joe Gloria said, “The bulk of our ballots we’re hoping will be read by Saturday or Sunday this weekend.”

Nevada US Election
Source: Newsbreak

Why Is Nevada Slow In Counting The US Election Votes

Many of the states finished with the counting of votes on the election day itself. However, Nevada has been very slow with the counting process. This year’s election has seen a huge surge in voter turnout. Moreover, with the coronavirus pandemic, people are using mail-in voting to cast their vote. More than a million people voted through mail-in voting in Nevada and this is the reason why the counting is slow. Gloria said, “I think it’s important for the entire country to understand that mail ballots on this scale is very new to the state of Nevada. We made a decision here to provide as much access as we possibly could as a result of the pandemic, and so our process has run a little bit slower.”

Nevada Going Slow With US Election Counting To Ensure Accuracy

Gloria revealed that he and his team are not hurrying the counting process as he wants to be accurate with the counting. He knows that a lot is riding on Nevada at this point and does not want to screw it up. He said, “Our goal here in Clark County is not to count fast. We want to make sure that we’re being accurate. The results in the state of Nevada obviously are going to be very important to the entire country and that is our number one goal.”

 US Election
Source: Bloomberg

Nevada Win Will Seal The Election For Biden

Joe Biden is leading in Nevada at the moment. A win in the state would take Biden to the exact tally of 270. This would close the election and Biden would become the next president of the US.